NonSugar Soft Fur Coord (ノンシュガーふわもこファー) is a coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It was first seen worn by Pepper Taiyou in Episode 120. It resembles the NonSugar Chao Fur Coord.


Episode Image User
120, 153
Ep 120 4
Pepper Taiyou



A light red blouse with large white dot pattern. The bottom of the top, chest, and collar are covered with a white fluff trim. Sewn to the torso are four yellow hearts and a pale yellow ribbon. Two pieces of ruffled material stick out from the bottom, one to match the blouse, and one of pale yellow. Sewn beneath the collar is a bow-tie to match the blouse, adorned with a sky blue heart on silver base. Comes with finger-less gloves lined with yellow beads and a large pom-pom, along with ruffled sleeves attached to a white ring above the shoulder.


A white skirt with yellow fluffy trim shaped to reveal a pair of light red bloomers with white fluff cuff. Sewn to the sides of the skirt is the ornament from the collar, while a large ruffled ribbon is sewn to the back.


Light red pumps with a yellow bow on top of the foot and a fluffy white trim. Comes with light red tube socks with white dot print and the fluffy cuff and a layer of ruffled material beneath it, coming in yellow with white lining. A bow to match the socks is included, each with a white pom-pom.


A large light red ribbon with white dot print and a gem heart on a silver base. A yellow piece of tulle rests beneath the ribbon.


NonSugar Soft Fur Coord is a Natural-type PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2016 Divine Vol. 4.

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