Nin'Nin Among the Water Coord (ニンニンみずのなか) is a cool-type coord from the brand Baby Monster. This coord first worn by Shion in Episode 51. It first debuted in the 2015 3rd Live Collection. The Nin'Nin Among the Sun Coord and the Nin'Nin Among the Forest Coord are recolors of this coord.


Episode Image User
Episode 53
Ninja Coord
Shion Todo

Coord Highlights

"It's finally time for everyone to see Dressing Pafe's ninja coord!"



A dark blue tank-top held by lime green strings and hearts. Around the shoulders is a navy shawl lined by red rope. Attached to it is a bright red scarf with a pattern of glittering purple and pale blue hearts. Pinned to the right of the scarf is an indigo cloth attached to a lime star with tiny studs lining it. The Scarf tails are a gradience of pale red to light pink with the same glitter hearts printed on it. Hanging from the tip of each scarf tail is a large black gem heart to match the straps wrapping around the lower left arm and right wrist. On the back is a large, thick dark blue rope striped by red and black. 


A navy skirt lined by red rope and string, held by hearts of black. On the left side of the skirt is a red and black striped rope with a lime star in the center with a fluffy, dark indigo material hanging from it. On the other side are large, long diamond gems resembling heart handled katana that come in red and cyan. 


Blue and red boots with a glittering pale blue and purple heart pattern. The wedge heel is dark purple to match the toed straps. The cuff is blood-red with a blue and black rope beneath it, while at the front of each ankle is a red and pink rope tied into a bow with a lime star in the center. On the upper left leg is a dark blue band with a red and cyan design with cyan and red katana-shaped gems.


A light indigo cloth shaped like two large leaf with a red ruffled material on top of it. A pattern of small glittering pale blue and purple hearts is printed on it. Attached to the accessory is a lime star.


Nin'Nin Among the Water Coord is a cool normal coord from the brand Baby Monster. It first debuted in the 2015 3rd Live Collection.


Official Arts

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Nin'Nin Among the Water Top

Nin'Nin Among the Water Skirt

Nin'Nin Among the Water Shoes

Nin'Nin Among the Water Accessory

Episode Screenshots

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