Night Coord (よるの) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. This coord was first worn by Michiru Kouda in Episode 184.


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Night Coord
Michiru Kouda



A dress composed of a fluffy, midnight blue corset covered in tiny gold stars. The lower half is lavender with white scalloped lining, pearl chains, and lavender ribbon lacing the center. On the lower left of the chest is a colorful glittering ribbon adorned by three stars, and a single star hanging from each tail. On the back is a large star, one side midnight blue, the other a colorful glittering gradient with matching, layered tails. The skirt is split down the right corner, with the left a blue and purple gradient with sparkles, and a purple and indigo castle display. Gold chains hang over this, accent by stars, a crescent moon, and lilac clouds. The other corner is dark blue with white lines and several stars, accenting those lining the bottom, opposite of a pearl chain. The split is held by white ribbon, while the upper part has three lavender bows, each with a star on it. The bottom is trim with midnight blue pleat fabric, while on the waist is lavender fabric. The user gains dark blue gloves with stars lining the top, three yellow stars doing down the inner-side, and gold lining trim by lilac fabric. Behind the user is a large, lavender clock-like shape with the hands tipped by a winged star.


Dark blue shoes with a glittering ribbon sewn to it, adorned by three stars. The cuff is made from fluffy, light indigo fabric covered in tiny stars. Black tights are included, the lower half dark blue, while the upper is black. Separating these two sections are several gold stars.


A dark blue top hat with three stars adorning it, along with a large flower-like piece adorned by a gold ornate crescent moon with four stars on it. Sewn behind this are two white feathers. The user also gains blue diamond earrings.


Night Coord is a Premium-type Dream Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.6 Collection.


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Night Dress

Night Shoes

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