Nene Tokuda
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Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Light Maroon (in PriPara)
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol


Affiliation Sub Me Tender
Personal Status
Anime Episode 16 - Exclusive! Laala's Secret is Out of the Bag!?
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshino Nanjo

Nene is a minor character in the PriPara anime series. She makes her anime debut in Episode 16. Like Mirei and Sophie, she is a middle schooler at Paprika Private Academy.

Her preferred brand is Twinkle Ribbon, and her casual coord is the Fairy Tale Frosting Cookies Coord.


Nene has short dark brown hair with bangs that sweep to the side. Her eyes are a rich caramel brown worn behind light berry-colored glasses. In PriPara, Nene's hair and general appearance look softer and and more feminine, with her eyes soft maroon and her glasses light pink.


Nene has a very determined personality, as shown when she wanted to spy on Laala in PriPara. She can also be very cold and rude at times, generally when concerning something she's trying to achieve. She revealed that she hated Idols for ruining a boy she knew in the past.

After befriending Laala, Nene showed a much nicer personality.



  • Nene is the third idol to prefer Twinkle Ribbon (with the first being Laala and the second to be Hanana).
  • She is the first person to go to Pripara for the first time without wearing her assigned coord on her PriTicket.
  • Nene shares the same voice actor as Nao and Nanami.
    • Nene is the second character to share the same voice actor as a character from PriPara.


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