Neko render 03
Physical and Vital Information
Race Mascot
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Navy Blue (fur)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Helper
Personal Status
Anime Episode 39 - Will I become an Idol Once Again!?
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiromi Konno

Neko (Birthname: Nefertity Cheshirenoir Petronus Pluto and the Fiddle Kuniyoshi Ryuuzou Sharpero Ulthar Que Jenny Hiroko Ouis Convença) is a mascot character in PriPara. She is the first mascot to appear in Season 2, and she debuts in Episode 39.


Neko is a navy-blue cat with big black eyes outlined in thick, black eyelashes, and worn with lavender eyeshadow. Her cheeks are two lavender dots matching the color of her eyeshadow. She has small yellow angelic wings, white paws, and a white tail tip. Her inner-ear is light purple. She wears a big yellow ribbon behind her head, and a lavender dress with a white collar and two gold bands across the torso. 


Neko is a flirtatious feline with a manipulative nature who gets along very well with Aroma. She wants to help Aroma and Mikan in any way possible and has talent as an actress. She runs a small bar in a dark alley in PriPara where she gives fortune-telling predictions. She tends to add "~nekon" to the end of her sentences.


  • Gaarumageddon - She is the manager of the idol unit Gaarumageddon. At first she was reluctant because she knew what would happen to Gaaruru if she snaps her PriTicket, but Aroma and Mikan manage to convince her, so she decided to help them in becoming an official unit.


Neko - The term Neko literally translates to cat.


  • Kuma and Usagi have a big crush on her.
  • She owns a bar where she holds fortune-telling sessions.
  • Neko is the second female Mascot introduced in the series, with the first being Unicorn.
  • She is the first mascot to be introduced in season 2.
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