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|image = File:NaoProfile.jpg
|image = File:NaoProfile.jpg
|kanji = なお愛媛
|kanji = 愛媛なお
|romaji = Nao Ehime
|romaji = Ehime Nao
|race = Human
|race = Human
|gender = Female
|gender = Female
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|gallery = No
|gallery = No
'''Nao Ehime ''' (なお愛媛 ''Nao Ehime'') is [[Laala Manaka]]'s best friend at [[Paprika Private Academy]].
'''Nao Ehime ''' (愛媛なお ''Ehime Nao '') is [[Laala Manaka]]'s best friend at [[Paprika Private Academy]].

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Nao Ehime
Kanji 愛媛なお
Rōmaji Ehime Nao
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 10-11 (Season 1)
12 (Season 2)
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student Idol
Affiliation Paprika Private Academy
Personal Status
Anime Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshino Nanjou
Image Gallery

Nao Ehime (愛媛なお Ehime Nao ) is Laala Manaka's best friend at Paprika Private Academy.


Nao has long, ashy-brown hair that reaches her mid-back, and is usually pulled back with a white headband decorated with yellow flowers. Her eyes are hazel-colored. In Pripara, her hair becomes longer and put into two low pigtails. It also becomes a brighter brown color and wears a blue headband along with a light blue and white dress and shoes.


Nao is easygoing, friendly and caring. She tends to tease Laala or talk sternly with her every once in a while, but really cares about her. She has known about Idols and dreams to become one some day. 


Nao is first shown as the easygoing best friend of Laala with much knowledge of idols. Unlike Laala, she had a true desire to become an idol some day. She surprised her by showing her the PriTicket she just received, but no sooner is it confiscated by Headmistress Gloria. This upset her but nothing came of it.

Over time she became a fan of Laala, but had no idea her best friend was also the idol she admired until Laala told her. Nao took the news harshly due to her jealousy over being unable to become an idol herself, but they soon make up after Nao realizes her own feelings and how much Laala wished to tell her but couldn't yet.

Later, Nao gets her PriTicket back and becomes an idol.



  • Nao was one of the girls who had her PriTicket snatched away by Headmistress Gloria Ookanada in Episode 1.
  • Judging by her PriTicket, Nao is a Pop type Idol.
  • Her seiyuu, Yoshino Nanjo, also voiced Eli Ayase, one of the main characters featured in the Love Live! franchise.
  • Nao is the first non-idol to receive a Friends Ticket.
  • Nao shares her birthday (November 20th) with Laala.
    • Which makes her a Scorpio.
    • She is the second supporting character to have her birthday revealed. She is preceded by Cosmo Hojo.
  • She is the second supporting character to have a CGI model, preceded by Cosmo and followed by Chanko.
    • Unlike Chanko and Cosmo however, Nao's model was only shown briefly during her and Laala's birthday performance, rather than actually performing.


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