Nanami Shirai
Kanji 白井 ななみ
Rōmaji Shirai Nanami
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Magenta
Hair Color Pink
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Pink Actress
Personal Status
Anime Episode 09 - Exciting Idol Gathering!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshino Nanjou
Image Gallery

Nanami Shirai (白井 ななみ Shirai Nanami) is an idol in the PriPara world. She is a member from the idol group Pink Actress and Q・P☆Cosmix. Her catchphrase is "Kyupikon" (キュピコン).


Nanami has bright, happy, magenta colored eyes and slightly wavy and fluffy pink hair that is tied into a side ponytail. She is mostly seen in pink dresses.


Nanami has very high tension and is rather hyperactive. She doesn't really speak much, but tends to utter her catchphrase "Kyupikon" at random times. Nanami seems to be able to hammer frogs well, shown in Episode 09. She seems a bit agile, seeing her somersault in Episode 29.


She once teamed up with Mirei Minami (by raffle) in the show Exciting Idol Gathering. They seem to know each other as they are both getting famous.

Her team members are Momo and Sakura.


  • Her full name is Nanami Shirai.
  • In her earlier episodes, Nanami's voice actress Yoshino Nanjou was requested by the director to act as she is no longer a human being (which she says "Kyupikon" at random times).
  • She shares her voice actress with Eli Ayase from the Love Live! franchise.
  • Nanami also shares the same voice actress with Nao, Nene Tokuda, one of the members in Sophie's Fan Club (Name unknown).
  • Her casual coord is the Mixed Berry Jelly Coord, and this coord indicates that she may be a user of Candy Alamode. However, when she and her group participated in the ParaPri, she wore the Fancy Jewel Coord, which is a coord from Dreaming Girl. So, it is unknown what type idol she is, or which brand she uses.
  • Originally Nanami was suspected of being Non, but it has been confirmed that she is not.
  • In early drafts of the series, Nanami was supposed to be in an idol unit with Nagisa, Nodoka and Niina , her unit mates she often appears with. Originally they were the rival unit of SoLaMi♡SMILE. This idea was later scrapped and replaced with a group of three new characters, which would later be known as Dressing Pafé.
  • The other two members of Pink Actress are named Momo and Sakura.


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