MY☆Dream Milky Purple Coord (マイ☆ドリームミルキーパープル) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Melty Lily. It is first seen in episode 176 worn by Michiru Kouda. It resembles the My☆Dream Milky Yellow Coord.


Episode Image User
176, 177, 178
Michiru episode 176
Michiru Kouda



A white long sleeved jacket worn over a lilac top that has thin gold bands on the chest and a white collar. Sticking out beneath this is cream fabric with three, lilac silk ribbons tied around the navel. A piece of white pleat fabric is sewn around the bottom of this with two, gold woven strands inches above the bottom. The jacket has gold detailing and a streak of lavender check accent by purple and light blue lines on each arm and covering the upper lapel portion. The lower lapel is pale cream, residing above a single gold star shaped button. Draped around the chest and left shoulder is a cream sash adorned with a rainbow of bows and a large gold star that has a M etched on it and a pair of tails coming in pale pink, cyan, lavender, each adorned with three lines of gold. Sewn to the sleeve cuff are two pieces of fabric, one lilac, one pale cream.


A lavender check pleat with gold woven bands on the hem. Sticking out of the bottom are ruffled pieces of fabric, two white, one lilac, and one cream. Sewn to the back is a large, two-layered white bow lined with cream ruffles. A cream sash hangs from the waist adorned with the bows and star from the top.


White pumps with gold scalloped piping around the foot. On the ankle are two gold rings, and inches above them is a white folded flap with two pieces of fabric sewn to it, one of lilac, one pale cream. The star ornament resides on the side. Comes with lavender check stockings with a gold band inches beneath the bottom.


A two layered lavender check fabric with a line of gold inches from the top. Around the bottom is a folded white piece of fabric, and sewn to the corner is the star ornament from the top.


My☆Dream Milky Purple Coord is a Cool Super Rare Coord from the brand Melty Lily. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
My☆Dream Milky Purple Top

My☆Dream Milky Purple Skirt

My☆Dream Milky Purple Shoes

My☆Dream Milky Purple Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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