Musical Ribbon Stage Coord (ミュージカルリボンステージ) has not appeared in the anime yet. It is a Brandless coord resembling the Musical Ribbon Lovely Coord and Musical Ribbon Cute Coord.





A black with white frills lined in blue on the center; both sides having two pink lines and a single pale pink line going up the center. At the top of the chest is a glittery blue bow with a silver musical note in the middle. On each shoulder are two white ruffles; one lined in hot pink, the other blue. They rest on top of puffy, glittery white sleeves with a single pale pink strip on each cuff. Comes with a white wrist piece lined in blue with a pink middle. 


A white skirt with alternating coloring of glittering fuchsia; some are on top with the white on bottom, while the other have white on top with it on the bottom. Between the white and pink are single glittery rows that come in pale pink, gold, green, and sky blue. Near the bottom is a metallic blue and white music trail with navy blue music notes that have silver orbs on them. Lining the bottom is a single layer of dark gray frills.


Black pumps with a single, big fuchsia glittery bow at the tongue of each shoe. Pale fuchsia and white wrapping goes up the leg. 


A small white cap with fuchsia rings circling the middle. To the side is a big glittering blue bow. 


Musical Ribbon Stage Coord is a Premium Rare Coord and it has no brand. It first appeared in the 2014 Limited Live.


  • This coord was exclusively used on DVD Covers.
  • Despite the name, it is not related to the Musical Ribbon Coord.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Musical Ribbon Stage Tops

Musical Ribbon Stage Skirt

Stage Musical Ribbon Shoes

Stage Musical Mini Hat Hair Accessory

Official Arts


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