Mrs. Minami
Kanji みれぃの母
Rōmaji Mirei no Haha
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Auburn
Hair Color Purple
Professional Statistics
Occupation Defense Attorney
Personal Status
Relatives Mr. Minami (Husband)
Mirei Minami (Daughter)
Anime Episode 06 - Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Orikasa

Mrs. Minami (みれぃの母, Mirei no Haha) is the mother of Mirei and a defense attorney.


She has long, wavy, dark purple hair in a high ponytail with a pink scrunchy, and tannish-brown eyes. In her debut, she wears a yellow turtleneck, a white knee-length skirt, white slippers, and a red pendant necklace.


Mrs. Minami is a friendly, kind person. She and her husband often bicker about whether Mirei will become an idol attorney or a idol prosecutor, leading to make-shift trials that Mirei often judges.



Mirei Minami (Daughter)

Mrs. Minami seems to have a good relationship with Mirei. She encourages her as an idol but also wishes for her to pursue being a Defense Attorney idol.

Mr. Minami (Husband)

Mr. and Mrs. Minami seem to get along very well. However when a potential argument comes up, even a minor one such as over cookies or pudding for dessert, both of them go into Lawyer mode. They battle in make-shift trials that are judged by Mirei. But even after the trials their relationship seems as strong as ever.


  • She knows that Mirei is an idol in the PriPara world, and she supports her.
  • She is an attorney.
  • She wants Mirei to become the first attorney idol.
  • She often debates with her husband over even the littlest of details, leaving Mirei a judge in most of their make-shift trials.


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