Mr. Minami
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prosecutor
Personal Status
Relatives Mrs. Minami (Wife)
Mirei Minami (Daughter)
Anime Episode 06 - Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomohiro Tsuboi

Mr. Minami is the husband to Mrs. Minami and the father of Mirei Minami.


Mr. Minami is a prosecutor, and is the father of Mirei. He wants Mirei to become a prosecutor idol, and often gets into debates with his wife, Mrs. Minami. Mirei usually plays "Judge" to end and make a decision for them.


He has short brown hair and black glasses. He debuted wearing a suit and red tie.


He seems very nice, intelligent, and welcoming, but can be mean and angry when debating.



Mirei Minami (Daughter)

Mr. Minami seems to have a good relationship with Mirei. He encourages her as an idol but also wishes for her to pursue being a prosecutor idol.

Mrs. Minami (Wife)

Mr. and Mrs. Minami seem to get along very well. However, when a potential argument comes up, even a minor one such as over cookies or pudding for dessert (as seen in Episode 06), both of them go into Lawyer mode. They battle in make-shift trials that are judged by Mirei. But even after the trials, their relationship seems as strong as ever.


  • He is a prosecutor.
  • He often debates with his wife, leaving Mirei as a judge.
  • He wants Mirei to become a prosecutor idol, something that usually sparks an argument with Mrs. Minami.
  • Mirei seems to have inherited most of his features.


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