Morning Coord (あさの) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. This coord was first worn by Nino Nijiiro in Episode 183.


Episode Image User
Nino Nijiiro



A light blue dress with gold fabric at the middle of the chest, lined with frills and adorned by pearl chains attached by star-shaped buttons. On the fabric covering the collarbone are many strips of gold and pale yellow frills and a trim of blue frills surrounding the pale gold collar, where a gold sun ornament is sewn. On the corner of the chest is a bow with three stars on it, including two hanging from bead chains, and two pieces of pleated fabric that are sewn to the lower left corner, one is pale yellow, the other is light blue. The skirt is a light blue and yellow gradient, depicting a mint and gold castle display on the right with gold chains residing above this, decorated with sun-shaped charms. The bottom of the skirt is lined with large, light blue pleats sewn to a chain of pale blue and yellow pearls. On the waist is a glittering peplum to match the bow on the chest, and hanging from this is a gold piece covering the left hip, lined with a pale blue and yellow pearl chain and trim with three pieces of pleat fabric, coming in blue, light blue, and gold. Matching these are smaller pieces of the same fabric on the right hip. On the back of the skirt is a large glittering ribbon with gold detail. The user also gains puffed blue and pale yellow gradient sleeves with thin white lines and stars sewn to the top and wrist. Behind the user is a large, gold clock-like shape with the hands tipped by a winged star.


Gold shoes with light blue pointed toe and sole. A golden sun design resides on the foot, while puffed, pale yellow fabric covers the ankles, trim with light blue material and held by orange ribbon. Gold stars are sewn around the top, along with a glittering ribbon with three stars on it, and a star hanging from each tail.


A white frill headband with a glittering orange and light blue alternating brim lined in gold. On the side are three stars, coming in purple, orange, and yellow, along with a large gold sun ornament with garnet gems on it, and glittering light blue and orange ribbon.


Morning Coord is a Premium type Dream Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.6 Collection.


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Morning Dress

Morning Shoes

Morning Accessory

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