Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Peach
Professional Statistics
Occupation Preschool Student
Personal Status
Anime Episode 46 - Devi&An Preschool! Ribbit?
Voice Actors
Japanese Shīna Natsukawa

Miruku (みるく) is a minor character that appears in Episode 46. She has a best friend named Anko and attends the same preschool Mikan and Aroma attended when they were in preschool.


Miruku has short, slightly messy peach-colored hair that almost reaches her shoulders and brown eyes. She keeps part of her hair pinned up in a small, high ponytail that's held with a brown and cream donut-looking scrunchy. She is seen in her preschool uniform which consists of a white, short-sleeved button down covered by a yellow vest and a pink skirt.


Miruku is shown to be an outgoing and encouraging person and appears to be decently mature for her age. She's friendly and is always there for her friend Anko who she wants to help grow out of her shell.


  • Anko - Miruku's best friend who's shy and quiet personality is very different from her outgoing self. According to Miruku, they have been together since around the time they started preschool, much like Mikan and Aroma. Miruku often encourages Anko to speak up, and is always there to support her.


Miruku (みるく) means milk. This ties with the food thematic her and Anko form.


  • In Episode 76 she appeared again with Anko and gave Anko because she's moving away, her christmas present early, a pair of mittens with each girl's face on a separate mitten, along with half a heart, so when placed together they form a full heart.


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