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===[[Episode 106 - The Divine Idol Grand Prix is Over|Episode 106]] (Season 3 Episode 17)===
===[[Episode 106 - The Divine Idol Grand Prix is Over|Episode 106]] (Season 3 Episode 17)===
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[[Category:Season 1]]

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Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

  • Mirei first appears as her normal self Minami, the school's disciplinarian captain. She disciplines Laala for running in the halls. Later she appears as Mirei in PriPara, dragging Laala into an audition with her after Laala gave her her PriTicket Bag that she 'lost' back on the street. After the audition and when Laala leaves, it's show that she purposely left her bag behind in order to force someone to join her in the auction, showing her calculating side before reverting back to her idol personality.

Episode 2Edit

  • In Episode 2, she expects to be teamed up with Laala again for another performance. However when Kuma tells her Laala can't come, she continues to trust Laala will come though because of their promise. She and Laala luckily manage to perform again. As she and Laala leave PriPara, they expose their true identities to each other, shocking the other in the process.

Episode 3Edit

  • Mirei is now exposed to Laala as the head of the disciplinary committee but they both take it very lightly. They meet up and then both decided to reach for the God Idol rank. Mirei then shocks her that PriPara isn't actually against the rules. Mirei forces Laala to go through various forms of training, which Lala doesn't do to well at. While at school, Mirei tried to convince Headmistress Gloria that PriPara is good for students but it unsuccessful. However she and Laala bond more as friends and they perform together once again.

Episode 4Edit

  • Mirei attends to a short disciplinary committee meeting, relating collecting the elementary schoolers PriTickets. She (along with the other members of the disciplinary committee) asks students to turn in the PriTickets the have "on hand" to them. She also tells Amamiya that PriTickets and PriPara isn't against the rules. When Mirei sees the headmistress noticing Laala's PriTickets she called her out of line and asks her if she's got any PriTickets on hand. Laala (having PriTickets in her bag) says she doesn't and escapes the headmistress.
  • After she and Laala had performed she tells Laala her performance gave Eiko strength. She also told Laala about the power of songs, and if they keep on working hard they'll eventually catch up to Sophie.

Episode 5Edit

  • Mirei announced to Laala her plan for them to manage 194 jump at the idol ranking. They watch Sophie's live performance because Mirei thought Laala might learn from Sophie. She also announced that they'd compete in the Sparkling Grand Prix, but they need a third member. When Laala says she want's to team up with Sophie Mirei tries to convince her that it's impossible, but after Laala have tried a couple of times to recruit Sophie and failed, Mirei is inspired bu Laala and also want to team up with Sophie.

Episode 6Edit

  • Laala and Mirei listens to their new song and Kuma announces they'll use it in a event in a couple of days. Mirei gets the idea that they should have a new Making Drama with the new song. After all the training rooms were full Mirei says they could go to one their homes. After seeing headmistress Gloria at Laala's house they decided to go to Mirei's house. When they started on working on the Making Drama they didn't make any progress and Laala fooled around and Mirei asked how Laala made the Making Drama. Mirei's mom asks they if they wanted tea and they had tea. Mirei told Laala about her parents jobs and they gave Laala a demonstrations of the different jobs. When Mirei's mom was about get cookies, the father suggestions they can have some pudding and the parents get into an argument and Mirei acts a judge, deciding they'll have half a portion cookies and half a portion pudding. Later Laala and Mirei can hear Mirei's parents argues about if Mirei were going to be a prosecutor or an attorney. Laala stops them giving Mirei the inspiration for the new Making Drama. After the performance Mirei ranks up to Debut Class.

Episode 7Edit

  • Because of Mirei ranking up she and Laala saw their new dressing room and says they now can enter the same events as Sophie. They also decide to enter an event Sophie's also going to enter, but Mirei and Kuma says to each other it's just to make Laala see the difference in their skills. When exit their dressing room Mirei and Laala meets a lot fans and sign stuff for them. They also saw Sophie's fans and decides to say hi to Sophie, but is rejected by Usagi. When Laala is late she's angry, but before they are going on she forgives Laala for this time because Sophie was late as well. Before they perform they meets Meganii Akai, and after the performance Mirei's very confused as Sophie is in their dressing room and trades Friends Tickets with Laala.

Episode 8Edit

  • Mirei is at the pool to research the news and most popular swimsuit-trends and meets Laala. She gives Laala tickets for running at the poolside, swim without warming up first and didn't stay hydrated. She also witnesses Laala and Nao's argument and when Laala cries she gives Laala a tickets because idols can't be seen crying in public. She also asks Laala how she can make others smile when she can't even make her own friend smile. After the performance Mirei helps Laala hurry back to the pool and she witnesses Laala and Nao makeup.

Episode 9Edit

  • She and Laala is going to feature in a variety show called Goodbye to the Summer Live!! Exiting Idol Meeting!! along with Sophie. When they arrived at the variety show set they found out they wouldn't be paired up and while Laala was paired with Sophie, Mirei was paired with Nanami from Pink Actress (whom it's been speculated about whether she's Non Manaka or not). In the first round the Mirei-Nanami-team is in the lead because Mirei is level headed and it was a quiz. During the third round, the three-legged-race, they started out slow, but during the blackout the catched up to the others and Mirei noticed Sophie in Fancy Mode. She fixes Sophie's hair and says they can explain it to her later. After the Laala-Sophie-team won the entire competition Mirei congratulates Laala and watches their live.

Episode 10Edit

  • When she and Laala tells Kuma that Sophie had agreed to team up with them he says if they win the audition to be image girls for the new autumn lipstick he'll allow it. To find their coords for the audition they participate in a lot of autumn-activities, but they don't get any inspiration until they go to the tennis court and meets Eiko and Love. They find out Love has never been to PriPara and they decide to take her to PriPara for the first time, and seeing Love's idol debut gives them the inspiration to their coords. With their new coords they win the audition, after the performance she trades Friends Tickets with Eiko. When they go to meet Sophie and officially asks her if she wanted to be a part of their team, but is shockingly rejected. 

Episode 11Edit

  • After being rejected by Sophie, she and Laala tries to figure out why Sophie did reject them. Usagi comes to be very rude. After he leaves they decide to go and meet Sophie after her live, but is stopped by Chanko and Sadako, so she and Laala tells them Sophie want to show her real face. When they realized they couldn't react Sophie in PriPara they decide to visit Sophie in real world and the next day they visit Cosmos and Sophie's apartment with the cover as Pizza-delivery-girls. When Mirei meets Cosmos and tells Laala she should be grateful to Cosmos for the cyalume coord, and that she's an inspiration for every girl. They discuss the Sophie-issue, and when they leave Mirei tells Cosmos to tell Sophy that she and Laala is ready to help her fly, but she has to take the first step on her own. After talking to Cosmos they decide to interview different idols, but ends up not finding anyone. In the end she meets Dorothy and she and Laala watches Sophie's new Making Drama.

Episode 12Edit

  • Throughout the episode Mirei tries to get Laala to listen to her reasoning over Sophie, claiming it to be a waste of time and that they should just stop. They are able to find a third member, but when she finds out Dorothy really has a twin, she sends her packing since they only needed one person. To her surprise, she waits in the room Laala instructed her and Kuma to go to and Sophie ends up showing up sometime later. The three girls then exchange friend tickets.

Episode 13Edit

  • Mirei spends the episode somewhat resentful and upset with Sophie when her ideas and calculations get shot down repeatedly. Eventually she comes to realize that the three of them need each other to be a great unit and she begins to feel better over this.

Episode 14Edit

  • Mirei, along with Laala and Sophie, voiced her excitement over Kuma's idea of striving to obtain the Paradise Coord. After running into the new unit Dressing Pafé and later watching them perform, she is left speechless by the talent of the group; who declare themselves as SoLaMi♡SMILE's rivals.

Episode 15Edit

  • Mirei patrols the hallway, when Shion breaks a rule by walking on the wrong side of the hallway. Mirei attempts to give her a ticket, but fails due to Shion's quick movements. With this, a rivalry starts between them. Mirei goes to the lunch stand in school to get her lunch, but all her favorites were out. Shion reveals that she has all the kids in her class think of the funny jokes she told them during class, making them get in trouble and have to run outside, thus stimulating the crave for sweets and other foods, including Mirei's favorites. Mirei replies with a snarky comment that she actually like her sandwich (that was the only thing left for her to buy). The rivalry continues, when Mirei and Shion have a contest to see who can get all of the books needed for Laala's class. Mirei ends up getting in trouble, and bumping into Gloria. In the hallway, while bragging to Mirei, Shion bumps into Gloria, and gets into trouble. In PriPara, they play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who will go first, and after many tiring rounds, Mirei loses due to losing her stamina at the end. They tie, and Shion force-trades Friends Tickets with Mirei.

Episode 16Edit

  • Nene Tokuda comes up to the girls to confirm if Laala is or is not going to PriPara. The girls are surprised that Nene may know, so Mirei grabs Laala (and Sophie) and she runs off. Mirei explains to Laala that Nene could be working for Headmistress Gloria (which is confirmed when Nene goes into Gloria's office). At Prism Stone, Laala explains what happens and Mirei tells her to be careful. Later in PriPara, SoLaMi♡SMILE is being interviewed, and Laala is asked about what PriPara is to her. She almost does her catchphrase in front of Nene. Back in the dressing room, Mirei and Laala explain the situation to Kuma, and he decides to help keep Nene away from Laala. Later, Nene watches the Mirei and Laala practice. She asks Shion if Laala is an elementary student, but Shion says she will not tell. Nene gets her proof, when Laala begs her not to tell. Mirei steals her camera, and sees a picture of a boy. Nene explains that she used like the boy, till he got obsessed with PriPara. Mirei performs with Laala after she expresses her feelings towards PriPara and together, they convince Nene to reconsider. 

Episode 17Edit

  • Mirei first appeared during school to reward Laala with her 199th ticket and leaves after explaining to everyone the history of Halloween. She meets with Laala and Sophie in PriPara, dressed as a cat and they head off to explore the Halloween Party and enjoy some snacks. After being separated from Laala, she searches for her to get to the Performance Hall. She is given a special Halloween Coord from Ran and they put on a performance. She watches as Laala and Ran trade a Friend Ticket, then curiously watches Laala run off in terror before noticing that Ran has tripped. 

Episode 18Edit

  • Mirei and Laala are in the middle of discussion when they are joined by Sophie. They happen to run into Shion, Leona, and Dorothy, who have announced that the twins are transferring to Paprika Private Academy. Mirei shyly reveals who she is to them inside of PriPara, then shockingly learns that Leona is actually a boy. The following day she gives Laala her 200th Ticket for sneezing very loudly and informs her that as punishment she has to walk the Kindergarteners. She later appears for a performance with SoLaMi Smile, only to learn that Dressing Pafe has beaten them.

Episode 19Edit

  • Mirei greets Laala and explains where Kuma has ran off to before Akai enters their dressing room to congratulate Mirei for being in Pripara for an entire year. She reveals that she became an Idol back when she was in 6st grade and reveals that she got her PriTicket. She took very good care of it, even as she became head of the Disciplinary Committee. Before she can reveal anymore Kuma bursts in to reveal he lost her PriPass, and in a fit of anxiety she ends up yelling at him and he flees the room. Mirei and Sophie go to search for her PriPass and she begins to explain some more of what happened. Such as when she happened to first meet Kuma, her bossy behavior scaring other teammates away, finding a plush pillow resembling Kuma in the real world, and eventually she put on her first Concert. She revealed her catchphrase and after the performance, ran to Kuma's rescue by claiming he was her manager. By now, Mirei finds Laala and Kuma, and she mentions that she almost never became an Idol since she was so busy. After being reminded of their performance, she panics again until Akai comes by with a basket of flowers, where Mirei's PriPass is. Calmed down, she tells Kuma that he is the best Manager and claims that without him she never would have become an Idol. They change and perform to Pretty Prism Paradise!, then return to their room to celebrate Mirei's Idol Anniversary. 

Episode 20Edit

  • Mirei and Sophie show up to help Laala promote Papa's Pasta. After they get the idea to use Sophie for it, as her appearance is the only one of the trio to remain the same, she and Laala go to check out the competition, where they are seated and try some of the food. After Dorothy tells her parents that Mirei and Laala are their rivals they take off. Mirei then gets an idea when they spot Gloria and they try to make her eat food from both of the stores. Eventually the rivalry between the two restaurants are settled and the girls take off to perform in PriPara as SoLaMi Smile; going on to win the round. 

Episode 21Edit

  • Sadako and Janko can't seem to find Sophie, till a classmate tells them she went to Prism Stone. In PriPara, they find Mirei, Sophie, and Laala in the dressing room. After competing with Dressing Pafé (and winning), they discuss about how many fans Sophie has gained. Sadako thinks that maybe Sophie doesn't need her anymore. Cosmo comes across her and relates, since Mirei and Laala are helping Sophie so much. A bit later, Mirei, Laala, and Sophie are discussing the fan club, when suddenly they find the fanclub in one of the rooms, and Sadako announces that they are retiring. Mirei and Laala are shocked, and try to stop them. Sadako insists on continuing the graduation. (All the members of the fan club try to do many things to get Sophie off their mind, but everything always came back to Sophie.) Later in the dressing room, Dorothy comes in saying that the fan club is interfering with their life. Mirei demands an apology, while Dorothy explains why she is mad. Both Laala and Mirei are unhappy to hear the conflicts that were occurring. Mirei and Laala approach Sadako with news that Sophie is missing. They track her down, and find out she is on a train. (Sophie is headed for a fishing place.) When they arrive, Sophie gifts the fan club a fish (as a present.) They are very touched, by are still sticking to the disbandment. Mirei explains that they don't have to disband, since they can just support her instead. Afterwards, Sophie performs solo in honor of her fan club, and Laala comes across Faruru.

Episode 22Edit

  • It is an average day in PriPara, and Mirei suggests a live concert at Paprika Private Academy. Shine, however, thinks it's a bad idea, and that their tickets will be taken away from them. After, Mirei tells Sophie and Laala of her idea, while Shion explains it to Dressing Pafe as well. Meganii has given SoLaMi♡SMILE a new song: Happy Ba-Lucky. The next day, Meganee gives SoLaMi SMILE new coords to try out. Gloria, however, makes a rule last minute that they can't make concerts without the headmistress's permission. Mirei tries to argue against her rule, but Gloria takes out a special rule book and shows Mirei the rule. They have no choice but to cancel the concert. Miri tells them what happened, and everyone is down in the dumps. Mirei, defeated, goes home, and hears a voice (who happens to be Amamiya). He tells her to keep trying. Mirei has a bright idea, and it so happens that Dressing Pafe had the same idea. The concert continues, as they put the concert live from a trailer, outside of school grounds, therefore not breaking any rules. SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe perform.

Episode 23Edit

  • While walking to school, Laala and Nao are wishing they were in Middle School like Mirei and the others, since they weren't banned from PriPara. At the school, all middle-schoolers are taken outside for a sudden assembly, where the headmaster of the middle school announces he will be retiring, and Gloria will be taking his spot. Gloria announces that she is banning PriPara for all students! Most of the kids tickets are taken, but Mirei's are safe with the 3-bag trick. Gloria comes up to Mirei saying she expected her to be going to PriPara. Due to the fact Sophie's ticket was taken, her condition becomes much worse, needing the fan club to escort her to the nurse, and Kuma in rage. Dressing Pafé attempts to persuade Gloria to give their tickets back, but fail. Lala says she wants to help, but Mirei prevents her by saying she will only get her's confiscated too if she helps. Dorothy and Leona dress up as ninja's to go get their tickets (which they do and succeed), but Leona also brings along Sophie's. Dressing Pafe perform in attempt to release the ban, but fails. Dorothy gets punished and has to pick ALL the weeds in the school. Out of kindness, Mirei and Laala join Dorothy to help. Later, Laala goes to deliver a pizza, and finds a mysterious PriTicket, and goes on a chair to take it, till Gloria walks in... (End.)

Episode 24Edit

  • (Following the events of the previous episode) Mirei (after extensive research) finds out the PriTicket belongs to Gloria. However, Gloria also realizes that Laala and Mirei are idols, and goes to tell them off. But, Sophie comes into the scene, very droopy, and Laala explains that Sophie needs PriPara, and Gloria explains why she hates PriPara.(Her friend broke a promise). After the story is over, Leona slips Sophie her PriTicket, and SoLaMi♡SMILE go and perform. Gloria, who is forced to watch it on TV, is so taken by it that she gets up and goes to PriPara. When the show is over, SoLaMi Dressing (at Prism Stone) are in shock to see Gloria and Laala's mother, together!

Episode 25Edit

  • (Picking back up from the previous events) Everyone is shocked on how they know each other. Laala's mother explains that she was the girl who "broke" Gloria's promise, and explained why. They make up, and it brings tears to Mirei and the other girls eyes. SoLaMi♡SMILE goes off to practice. SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe decide to team up to form Dressing Pafe, and win the Paradise boots!

Episode 26Edit

  • The girls' next performance date is decided. At school, Mirei runs into Gloria and she says they should go to PriPara together sometime (with Rina, of course). The girls later perform and there is suddenly a last minute entry… Faruru! She wins the Paradise Tiara, leaving Mirei and the rest of SoLaMi Dressing with several thoughts about her in their heads.

Episode 27Edit

  • Laala ends up being sick, so Mirei and Laala's friends come to visit her. She brings winter homework (which Laala confesses to not doing), and Mirei gives Laala a ticket. Due to the crowdedness of her room, Nao kicks all of Laala's friends out, including Mirei. Laala eventually recovers (and also gives Non a little gift), and SoLaMi♡SMILE performs.

Episode 28Edit

  • Shion's rival is in town, telling her she has gone soft. Shion proves her wrong, and gets new Cyalume Coords for Dressing Pafe. (Mirei is not featured much in this episode).

Episode 29Edit

  • As the pressure to win the Paradise Coord increases, the SoLaMi♡SMILE girls go into an intense training camp… hosted by Gloria and Love! They are forced to do almost impossible tasks (and they run across Faruru, who does the tasks easily). With hopes of improving their somersault and other (in general) skills, they work hard! They end up becoming increasingly better at multiple areas. They perform, and have a new Making Drama thought up as a result of the camp.

Episode 30Edit

  • As the final piece of the Paradise Coord is up for grabs, all teams are tense and incredibly motivated to get it. It's SoLaMi♡SMILE against Dressing Pafe and Faruru. Surprisingly, Faruru copies all of SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafe's past Making Dramas (excluding the holiday ones). Faruru ends up winning the Paradise Coord.

Episode 31Edit

  • SoLaMi Dressing is incredibly shocked at Faruru's surprising win. They are also incredibly confused at this mystery (of how Faruru could do all this). With all of them down in the dumps, their friends and family desperately attempt to cheer them up. (Later on) when Faruru performs with the Paradise coord, she fails to make it shine. Afterwards, Cosmo performs in attempts to cheer SoLaMi Dressing up. She performs a Making Drama with Mirei and the rest of SoLaMi Dressing in it. In the end, they get hyped up, and get over their slump (with thanks from Cosmo).

Episode 32Edit

  • Mirei is at school, and while on duty her alternate PriPara ego is revealed a bit, causing a mess up. Due to the fact that she is a bit into her Mirei character, she feels that she has to tell the school that she is SoLaMi♡SMILE's Mirei. Meanwhile, Amamiya dreams of getting chocolates from her. When the time comes for her to tell the whole school of her secret, Amamiya interrupts while she tries to tell them, until he eventually spoils the moment, and tells the school himself, leaving Mirei there awkwardly. Afterwards, she is extremely mad at Amamiya. She later decides to throw away her alter ego as a whole, since she feels like it is holding her back. In PriPara her idol form changes to the same as her real life appearance. Everyone worries for her, since idol Mirei is such an important part of her. On Valentine's day, Amamiya changes her mind, and gives her chocolate, and Mirei brings back her other personality. He tells her that idol Mirei and disciplinarian Mirei are already too close to be broken apart, they ARE the same person, and that he likes both of them. She comes back to PriPara, as her pop Idol self, and she and SoLaMi♡SMILE rank up.

Episode 33Edit

  • With the second chance of receiving the Paradise coord only so far away, Laala is signing autographs. Faruru asks about her past till now, and Laala tells her. From the beginning, where Laala found Mirei's PriTicket Bag, and they performed together, to when SoLaMi♡SMILE and SoLaMi Dressing came to be.

Episode 34Edit

  • SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafe both think of ideas to stand out and get back up on the horse, when they think of writing their own song. Both teams can't think straight about what lyrics/ ideas to put in. Meanwhile, Laala is showing Faruru the outside world, including Non. Faruru creates her own "Non" from a robot (which resembles Faruru, much like how Non resembles Laala). SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe both come to visit Faruru, and find out that they both had the same idea of thinking of lyrics. They help Faruru fix her robot after it breaks, and think of lyrics. They give their ideas for lyrics to Meganii, in which he makes a song for them. Faruru also makes a new Making Drama (which can be inferred to be inspired by her robot). SoLaMi Dressing reforms (for the time being).

Episode 35Edit

  • SoLaMi Dressing gets their new song from Meganii and reform, to perform once again against Faruru. SoLaMi Dressing wins, and win back the Paradise Coord. Faruru comes up to them, causing a silence. She says how she has never lost, but now she has… but doesn't feel sad. In fact, she is happy. She and Laala trade Friends Tickets, while Unicorn tries to prevent them. Faruru collapses because of a malfunction due to the fact she is a Vocal Doll. Everyone is shocked and completely clueless how this happened.

Episode 36Edit

  • Everyone is down with Faruru collapsed, and all the girls do what they can to help Faruru. Mirei's team-mate, Laala, performs Love Friend Style (solo, without SoLaMi Dressing), but fails to wake up Faruru. Everyone is starting to get even more down, but that won't make the girls give up!

Episode 37Edit

  • Mirei and the rest of SoLaMi Dressing give one last attempt to wake up Faruru, with the Paradise coord, and even cyalume change, but fail to wake her up. Their aura and cyalume change disappears, and so does their spirit. The audience won't let it get them down! So they start singing Make It! and brings back the aura of the Prism Voice. With all this willpower, SoLaMi Dressing and the audience wake up Faruru, and she "evolves" into her new form. SoLaMi Dressing, Faruru, and the Nation performs a Making Drama, where all of them are wearing the Paradise coord. The Paradise coord is given to everyone in their audience after their performance.

Episode 38Edit

  • It's Faruru's birthday! SoLaMi Dressing plans a surprise party for her, but Unicorn is down. Unicorn and Faruru decide to leave, and as a goodbye, the girls and Leona decide to send her off with a performance of Love Friend Style, as Unicorn the pegasus pulls Faruru away in the PriPara sky.

Season 2Edit

Episode 39 (Season 2 Episode 1)Edit

  • Mirei and the rest of SoLaMi SMILE meet up at Prism Stone to go into PriPara. They get new accents for their outfits (which are wings). As they enter PriPara, they are mobbed by fans, and Kuma spots them, and drags them off. They meet up with Dressing Pafe, where they go back to a flashback where Meganii broke up their units, who are still very mad. Suddenly, Meganii comes to give a tour for the newbies, and Kuma and Usagi have them go on the tour. Meganii explains that they have extended PriPara, and shows them the Dream Theater. The Dream Theater is where the Idol Dream Grand Prix shall take place, where five person teams perform to win a chance to ring "The Dream Bell", and any wish of theirs will come true. However, in this event, all their ranks will be reset so everyone gets a fair shot. Meganii chooses Laala to perform, and Mirei and Sophie wish her good luck. She ranks up, and they go back on the bus. Meganii asks if anyone else wants to enroll in the event, and Mirei, Sophie, Shion, Leona, Dorothy, Laala, and some other girls say yes. They are all given a Cyalume Charm. They get off the bus, and are approached by Mikan and Aroma, overtaken by their personalities. After they get on the next tour, Mirei and the others are excited for the Idol Dream Grand Prix!

Episode 40 (Season 2 Episode 2)Edit

  • Aroma starts to read out of a mysterious book, finding a way to break up Dressing Pafe and SoLaMi SMILE. Meanwhile at Paprika Private, Gloria is welcoming all the Middle School and Elementary School students to the new term. Back in PriPara, Kuma and Usagi are bragging about their girls to each other, when a cat mascot passes by, keeping them totally entranced in her beauty. She lures them to her bar, and tells them that bad fortune shall strike if they reform the units. Back with the main six, each 3-person unit tries to reform, but Meganee tell them that it won't work, since they need their mascot as witness. The two mascots fin the girls and try to persuade them to form duos instead, but don't tell them why. The girls try again to trade PriTickets, since their mascots are before their eyes, but Kuma and Usagi run off too soon, causing a chase for them. Later, Mikan and Aroma perform.

Episode 41 (Season 2 Episode 3)Edit

  • Mirei was challenged by Aroma in a battle and to see who ranks up the highest. The next day, she rank up to top disciplinarian of Paprika Private Academy. In PriPara Mirei noticed fans surrounding Aromageddon and was quickly noticed by Mikan until Laala and Sophy arrived. Laala gave Mirei their unit ribbon as a sign of their friendship. During her practice, Mirei goes to check the present Laala gave her when suddenly a smoke bomb blows off. As she goes to check on it after the incident, the present starts to move all by itself, in fact, it appears everywhere. The next, Mirei doubts if she's ever going to perform a solo live when Laala and Sophy enter the dressing room. When the two girls asked her if something's wrong, Mirei said that everything's fine but Sophy took notice of the fact that she's off with her catchphrase. At the solo live, Mirei greets her fans but feels like she's out of sorts and ran to look for the present. Laala and her friends decided to look for her but Laala ended up finding her. After sometime, Mirei changes and performs her solo live.

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Episode 103 (Season 3 Episode 14)Edit

Episode 104 (Season 3 Episode 15)Edit

Episode 105 (Season 3 Episode 16)Edit

Episode 106 (Season 3 Episode 17)Edit

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