Mirei Layered Sweater Coord (みれぃかさねぎふう) has been worn by Mirei Minami as her casual outfit when she is out of PriPara beginning from Episode 20. This coord is from the brand Prism Stone (Brand). It is a Pop type coord. 





A powder blue sweater with Candy Alamode wrote on the chest with yellow, orange, pale pink, hot pink, and cyan. The collar is white, while two layers of white pleat-frills line the bottom. 


A dark blue denim skirt with a layer of ruffles at the bottom. Going down the center is a row of silver buttons; while on each side of the skirt is a heart with ruffled lining and Candy Alamode wrote in red. 


Tall beige boots with dark sapphire strings that start from the top and end at the tongue of the shoe. The very top has sky blue material. 


Mirei Layered Sweater Coord is a Pop Rare Coord from the brand Prism Stone (Brand). It first appeared in 2014 2nd Live Collection.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Mirei Layered Sweater Tops

Mirei Layered Sweater Skirt

Mirei Popping Layered Boots


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