Miracle Angel à la Mode
Miracle angel 24
Kanji Name 奇跡のエンジェルアラモード
Romanized Name Kiseki no enjeru aramōdo
Creator Aromageddon
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Mikan Shiratama & Aroma Kurosu

Miracle Angel à la Mode (奇跡のエンジェルアラモード Kiseki no enjeru aramōdo) is a making drama used by Aromageddon in Episode 42 of the anime. It is also known as Fresh! Happiness Angel à la Mode (フレッシュ!しあわせエンジェルアラモード Furesshu! Shiawase enjeru aramōdo) in the arcade game.

In the game, it is performed by idols who wear Silky Heart coords.

Character Appearances


A large strawberry floats through the sky, which Mikan hits like a volleyball before it can land on the ground. Aroma stabs into it with a pitchfork, causing smoke and several fruits to appear. Suddenly, a purple ball adorned with several stars comes at the girls and Mikan smacks it open to release candies, pudding, jelly beans, and macarons. She then begins to twirl a pink ribbon and winks, floating up into the air to summon a parfait. Before Aroma can bite into it, Mikan steals it to take a bite and one drops out of the sky for Aroma. Together the girls pose, revealing a larger parfait behind them with several macaron, pudding, ice creams, and jellybeans.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Miracle angel 24


  • This Making Drama is the first Making Drama to have two different names; one for its anime version, and one for its game version.


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