Mimiko Jigoku
New Mimiko
Kanji 地獄ミミ子
Rōmaji Jigoku Mimiko
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Burgundy
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Occupation Head Disciplinarian
School Student
Affiliation EVER GOLD (unit)
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Reina Ueda

Mimiko Jigoku (地獄ミミ子 Jigoku Mimiko) is a supporting characters in the Idol Time PriPara anime series. She is the head disciplinarian and a middle school student of Avocado Academy. Like the Headmistress, she dislikes the idea of girl idols and often makes plans to try to rid of them around the school.



Mimiko's debut appearance

Mimiko has thick black hair that sticks up and resemble horns or a cauldron. Her short pointed bangs are worn with a purple headband with a few short locks hanging loose. She has glaring burgundy eyes and dotted eyebrows. She is known for her large and flexible ears.

After her makeover at the hands of Chiako, Mimiko is shown with a more relaxed expression featuring wider eyes, visible eyebrows, and more vibrant hair worn in pigtails.


Mimiko is very noisy and intimidating despite her short stature. She hears and sees all around the school and is very serious with a mocking nature. She can be scary if angered or if someone was caught lying to her, but she suffers panic attacks if her hearing is blocked.


  • Mirei Minami - As the head disciplinarian of Paprika Private Academy and the ultimate winner of the Disicplinary contest several years in a row, Mimiko has a very personal rivalry with Mirei. At first she thought nothing of her until Mirei managed to steamroll her with the school rules and stopped her from causing trouble as she tried to enlist girls to PriPara. Since then Mimiko has threatened revenge and is using her spare time to study Mirei until their next encounter.
  • Barbaria Ookandagawa - She is very close with Babaria. She used to call her Mum.
  • Shuuka Hanazono - She hangs out with her sometimes. She even helps her practice singing. They later form a unit with Galala named EVER GOLD.
  • Galala•S•Leep- Her teammate in EVER GOLD.

Name Etymology

Mimi in Japanese means "ears", while ko is a common character in girls' names, and can also mean "little/small".

Jigoku means "Hell" and "jigoku mimi" (lit. "hell ears") is an expression which refers to a knack or ability for hearing what others would prefer to keep hidden.


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