Mikan's Meat Bun Coord (みかんのにくまん) is a Lovely-type coord from the brand Silky Heart. It has not appeared in the anime yet.





A violet top trim with peach and white material. Ruffles of peach, silky violet, and pale yellow are sewn over it, adorned with colorful star beads and a large meat bun badge with angel wings attached to it. Ruffled, three-layer sleeves are included to match, with one slightly over the shoulder. Sewn to the side of the sleeve is a pink and white bead chain wrapping around the arms, connected to a violet cuff adorned with stars and the white, peach, and yellow ruffles. Three beaded necklaces are included with a small chibi wing on the side attached to three ruffled pieces of fabric.


Fluffy violet pumpkin pants with a white band on each leg hole, accent with a trim of white and peach ruffled material. Sewn over the pants is a ruffled skirt-like cloth in three layers, coming in peach, pale pink, and pale yellow attached to glittering pale pink fabric. Two bead chains wrap around the skirt, adorned with a smiling meat bun on a peach ruffled piece of material lined with pale yellow and red ruffles with two bead chains hanging beneath it. The waistband is pale yellow with a meat bun on the side, decorated with shoot star-style tails of pink, peach, and sky blue. Sewn to the left are pieces of pale yellow and peach fabric with little shapes cut out.


Fluffy violet boots with a pale pink solid heel and a pale yellow ribbon decorated with a peach star. Comes with lilac glittering stockings with a fluffy cuff, ruffles of pink, peach, pale yellow, and white, and colorful stars.


Mikan's Meat Bun Coord is a Lovely-type Rare Coord from the brand Silky Heart. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Mikan's Meat Bun Top

Mikan's Meat Bun Pants

Mikan's Meat Bun Shoes


Official Arts

Anime Screenshots

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