Midnight Time Coord (まよなかの時の) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in episode 181 worn by Galala•S•Leep. It resembles the Time Coord, Idol Time Harp Coord, and Golden Time Coord.


Episode Image User
181, 186
Midnight Time Coord



A dark gray lace top with dark blue piped details on the torso, along with a pale blue line on each side. Around the bottom is fabric with gold design lining, and a similar piece of fabric wraps around the top of the chest and shoulders. The collar is dark blue with a black winged clock ornament. The user gains widely opened sleeves with pale blue clock-like lines and a gold scalloped lining. Gray fabric is around the top, while going down each side is a row of black flowers. A dark gray piece of fabric sticks out from the bottom with a gold ornate pattern. Behind the user is a large gold clock-like ornament.


A dark gray skirt with a flower shaped layer of lace that has silver designs and dark blue piped lining, residing under a gray lace peplum with pale blue line details and gold scalloped lining. Sewn on each hip is a dark blue piped line with a black flower on the end. The waistband is solid black, and hanging from each corner are two gold heart-shaped clock hands. Decorating the skirt are flowers and dark blue dots, along with white roman numerals and a section of dark blue. Circling the bottom of the skirt are large gold notches and lines.


Dark gray and gold gladiator-like sandals with a pointed wedge heel and golden ornate designs on the foot. Sewn to the back of the ankle is a pair of black chibi wings. Gold beaded straps adorn the leg, and worn with the sandals are dark gray stockings with a scalloped lining to match the top and skirt. A lace design goes down the middle, and sewn on the sides are flowers.


A flower crown made from six black flowers.


Midnight Time Coord is a Premium-Type Dream Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


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