Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 15-18
Hair Color Pinkish Lilac
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation NMews Sisters
Personal Status
Relatives New (Twin Sister)
Anime Episode 11 - What To Do? How To Deal? Who's Going To Be Our Third Member?!
Voice Actors
Japanese Minami Takahashi

Mew is a Major class Idol in PriPara. She makes her anime debut in Episode 11.She is New's sister.


Mew is a fair skinned girl with dark olive green eyes worn with pale lilac eye shadow. She has fluffy pink-lilac pigtails held by yellow scrunches to match her large loop earrings. She often has a cat's smile.


Similar to her sister, they seem stuck up. Both are confident in their status and demand respect from those underneath them. They also seem to want the spotlight as they were not too happy when Usagi revealed that both of them were backup to Sophie. However, to someone they see as admireable, they do not mind as much.


  • New - They're sisters.
  • Sophie Hojo - Both New and Mew are part of Usagi's chosen partners for Sophie.


In Episode 11, they were revealed to be Sophie's PriPara team unit partners for the Sparkling Grand Prix, chosen by Usagi.


  • She is voiced by Minami Takahashi who voices Sora Kazesawa from Aikatsu!.
  • She has been in the PriPara business with New for 10 years.
  • She, along with New are both in the Major class.
  • She is in high school.
  • Judging by her PriTicket, she is a Cool type user.
  • She is the second character have twin relative who is an idol after Leona & Dorothy.
  • New and Mew are fraternal twins, which means they were born from separate eggs, which makes them look slightly different.
  • Mew has a small curl that looks like a "M" on her hair.


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