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  • Hi, I noticed that you were making some edits lately. Some of them are fine - but I found something to be a bit mysterious. You were editing over yourself. At one point you added a picture to a section, then moved it to the next section in a seperate edit, then right after in a third edit, moved it back.

    That was highly uneccessary and I really hope you have a good reason for doing it. Because it looks suspicious to us Admin otherwise.

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  • Hi! So first of all, thank you for editing at this wikia. Welcome!

    Second of all, I see that you've been making a lot of the new pages lately. Which is good, but there's not much in them, it's just a sentence, or nothing at all and just a catagory. Please don't just make pages and put a sentence in them and leave the rest for someone else. If someone doesn't get there, all people will see just a sentence, and not really know what it is. If you are at least going to make a page like that, please add an image. Thanks.

    Sorry. Thank you! Have an amazebeans day! 


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    • Also, thank you for all the screenshots! :)

      \o/ Lina \o/

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    • A FANDOM user
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