aka Ivanly

  • I live in that one secluded island on the world which barely ever gets Japan merch
  • My occupation is telling my friends I'm doing work instead of actually doing it
  • I am female
Message Wall thing

Hi!!!!!!!!! I'm Ivanly912, and welcome to my message wall!

If you're new to the wiki or just don't pay too much attention to me (xD), you should know I'm a HUGE Shion fan ^^ I'm on this wiki pretty often except when I'm at school, sleeping or other irl stuff ^^ (Psst, don't tell my teachers sometime I check this wiki at school xD) I try my best to edit here and talk to everyone, so please leave a message on my wall if you want to chat! I'm always happy to, but keep in mind I can turn any PriPara conversation into a conversation where I blabber on about Shion xD When that happens just tell me to stop and I promise I will ^^

Anyways, enough about me... Nice to meet everyone ^^ igo yoroshiku!

Status: Falling in love with Shion all over again (aka active xD)

Ep 62 6

Subs for ep 62 just came out, so it's my birthday all over again~

FB IMG 1458302982392

THIS, but in heaven xD

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