Merry-Go-Round Mint Coord (メリーゴーランドミント) is a Lovely-type coord from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It has not made an appearance in the anime. It resembles the Blueberry Dream Coord, Chocolate Dream Coord, Strawberry Dream Coord Merry-Go-Round Flower Coord, Merry-Go-Round Sky Coord, Merry-Go-Round Dream Coord and the Merry-Go-Round Cutie Coord.





A white top with pink frills, lace, and heart-shaped buttons adorning it. Sewn to each lower corner is a pale blue blue and white wrapped candy ornament. Worn over this is a long sleeved bolero of white, pink, and cyan gradient and a lining of pastel yellow. The cuff is in two layers, with the second matching the top beneath it and a row of pink, pastel yellow, and white beads resting on the top to match those on the torso. Covering the bolero is a print of yellow stars, pink spheres, white clouds, white sparkle markings, and pink and white gradient clouds. A pink bow trim with white lace rests at the middle.


A white to pale blue and turquoise gradient skirt resting over a white semi-pleat petticoat. The print from the bolero adorns the skirt, along with multiple white, pink, and pastel yellow bead lines, along with two large pink and yellow gradient unicorns with pale blue and lavender gradient hair. The unicorns are heavily adorned with light blue ribbon, jewelry, and a light purple saddle with a hot pink heart. A pink ribbon is sewn to the center.


Pale blue boots with a cyan center, bottom, heel, and toe area. Pastel pink ribbon lace the center of the boots with a gold star hanging from each ribbon tail. A fluffy white cuff wraps around the top of the boot. Comes with pale pink and tan tights.


A pink and pale pink striped ribbon trim with white ruffles. A gold heart ornament is sewn to the middle.


Merry-Go-Round Mint Coord is a Lovely type Super Rare Coord from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2016 Divine Vol. 5.

Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Merry-Go-Round Mint Tops

Merry-Go-Round Mint Skirt

Merry-Go-Round Mint Shoes

Merry-Go-Round Mint Hair Accessory

Official Arts

Anime Screenshots

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