Memories Medley
PriPara & Idol Time PriPara Complete Album Box
Anime Information
Anime Debut Episode 139 - I Friend You
Anime Insert Singers Dressing Pafé





CD Information
Album PriPara & Idol Time PriPara Complete Album BOX

Memories Medley is a song sung by Dressing Pafé, NonSugar, Tricolore, Gaarumageddon, and UCCHARI BIG BANGS. It debuts in Episode 139.


The losers of the Divine Idol Grand Prix start singing when SoLaMi♡SMILE stops singing.



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[Shion/Dorothy/Leona] Ran for janpin NOW! Hashiridasou
Omoikkiri josō shite
Itsumade datte tokubetsu FRIENDS!

[Non/Chiri/Pepper] Zettai maketakunai tte ganbatteru
Kakehiki tsunahiki shichaukedo
Kisoiau no datte furendoshippu
Iron'na iro no
Iron'na iro no furawā

[Hibiki/Faruru/Fuwari] Un, deux, trois… narande te no todoku motto soba ni
Un, deux, trois… kazu wa kazoezu ni tada chikatte

[Aroma/Mikan/Gaaruru] Tanoshī naitomea hajimaru yo
Odotcha e warutsu de an・du・torowa
hora ne waratchau desho?
Torai shichae [Cosmo/Ajimi/Chanko (Utae! Odore!)
[Cosmo/Ajimi/Chanko] Aidoru wo torimodose! [Aroma/Mikan/Gaaruru (chachacha chaimu ga nattara ne)

Run for jumping NOW! Come on and dash
Go forward with all of your might
As every shining moment is the best because you're my FRIENDS!

“I don’t wanna lose!” — you think and give it your all
At times it’s back-and-forth, push-and-shove
Friendship through competition?
They come in many
Flowers come in many colors

One, two, three, side by side, our hands can reach closer to you
One, two, three, without counting the number, just vow!

A delicious fantasia all to ourselves and the toy soldiers marching rat-tat-tat
Can't you see that we are laughing?
When the bell (Sing! Dance!)
Bring back the idols! (Chi-chi-chi-chimes midnight)


Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal Memories Medley 1:25
(16) -DressingPafé&NonSugar&Tricolore&Gaarmageddon&UCCHARI BIG-BANGS- 組曲フォーエバー☆フレンズ~インターリュード~「メモリーズ・メドレー」
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