Meganii Akai
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Kanji 赤井めが兄ぃ
Rōmaji Akai Meganii
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Butler
Personal Status
Anime Episode 07 - Looking For A Red Flash...
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Actors: Junichi Suwabe

Meganii Akai is a popular PriPara songwriter and one of the only two known males to attend/are associated with PriPara. He has written songs for Dressing Pafé and SoLaMi♡SMILE.


His appearance is similar to Meganee Akai, however no connections between them have been confirmed. He has short, dark brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. He has red-framed glasses and wears a butler's uniform.


He is a very kind, calm individual much like Meganee. He has a gentleman-like personality, but enjoys to keep his many idols on their toes with new ideas and competitions, which attracts many idols' attention, including Gloria Ookanda.


Akai (赤井) : Means the color "Red".

Meganii (めが兄ぃ) : Megane (眼鏡) means glasses and Nii () means brother.



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