Meganee Akai
Kanji 赤井めが姉ぇ
Rōmaji Akai Meganee
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation PriPara Guide
Affiliation Prism Stone
Personal Status
Anime Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Voice Actors
Japanese Kanae Itō

 "Welcome to Prism Stone!" - Meganee Akai

Meganee Akai (赤井めが姉ぇ, Akai Meganee) is one of the supporting characters in PriPara and a staff member at Prism Stone. There is more than one of her active in PriPara.


Meganee is a brunette with long hair that reaches her shoulders, with her bangs short-cut and tucked with the rest of her hair. She has very bright brown eyes worn with a pair of red glasses.


She seems to be a cheery, kind, and friendly person. She is a helpful, supportive character.


Akai (赤井) : Means the color "Red".

Megane (めが姉ぇ): Is glasses in Japanese. They probably named her this because of her glasses.

Her name means "Red Glasses" like the ones she wears.

Meganee is a pun combining Megane and Nee (姉), meaning older sister or female older than the speaker.


  • Currently, she and Mia is the only character from the Pretty Rhythm Series to appear on PriPara with a speaking role. Aira, and Naru (Saints) only appeared via cameo.
    • In Pretty Rhythm, she was the guide in the Prism Space and appeared in all 3 series.
  • This is the second season where she is outside of Prism World. The first was the last episode of "Aurora Dream", wherein she watched MARs performing.
  • She, along with Meganii, sings the song for the credits called "Welcome Girls!!" in the 1st PriPara Movie.
  • She debuted in PriPara on Episode 79.
  • Her voice actor, Kanae Ito, also voiced Kaname Amamiya from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream and Hye In in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
  • She shares a similar trait to the Nurse Joys/Officer Jennys in the Pokemon Franchise
    •  They have multiple versions of themselves around the world
  • It is possible that Meganee in this series is a program from the Pripara system and not an actual person, unlike in PriChan, where she is much more expressive and act more humanlike.
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