Marble Chocolate ☆ Calming Coord (マーブルチョコッと☆まろやか) is a Pop Type coord from the brand Candy Alamode More that hasn't appeared in the anime yet. It is similar to Marble Chocolate ☆ Exciting Coord and Marble Chocolate ☆ Thrilling Coord





A white dress with lavender piping around the top section. The center of the chest is light purple with five thin white lines over it, along with three small white bows and rows of thin chocolate pieces, alternating between white and pale pink. At the top of the chest is a light purple bow with a white and light purple chocolate in the center. Attached to it are three small ruffled layers, two of which have a lavender plaid design, while the last is solid white. Attached to it are pale lilac straps across the shoulder with a band of pink and white chocolate candies sewn to the inner-side. The skirt is in two layers with thick lining of pale pink and pale blue with spheres of purple all over them. The top skirt layer is white while the second is white with pale pink stripes. A tiny piece of white ruffled material sticks out from the hip portion, along with a split semi-pleat material of light purple plaid, adorned with purple piping, tiny white frills, and white bows on it. The material starts on the upper left, then swirls to the lower right. Comes with a large purple bow on the back, purple plaid, semi-pleat sleeves with tiny white frills, purple piping, and a row of tiny white bows, pale lilac cuffs, and a purple choker with a flower ornament hanging from it.


Tall white boots with the bottom composed of several lavender stripes. At the center of the boot are three piped, pale pink lines with three white and purple chocolate pieces sewn to it. The cuff is purple piping with a single piece of light blue ruffled material hanging from it, along with a purple bow that has a white and purple chocolate sewn to it. Two semi-pleat purple plaid pieces of material hang from it, decorated with lavender piping and tiny white bows.


A miniature white and pale blue swirled conical hat with a thick piped ribbon mid-way down with a bow and chocolate attached. Circling the bottom of the hat are large white and pale pink sphere candies, along with two white bows and pieces of blue check material.


Marble Chocolate ☆ Calming Coord is a Rare Pop Coord from the brand Candy Alamode More. It first appeared in the 2015 Series Promotional Coords.



Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Marble Chocolate ☆ Calming One Piece

Marble Chocolate ☆ Calming Shoes

Marble Chocolate ☆ Exciting Accessory

Official Art

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