A new manager

The three original Managers: Usagi, Unicorn, and Kuma

Managers are mascot or plush-like animals who live within PriPara and are raised to help Idols grow. To most Idols a Manager is a natural assest in order to become successful, but they are entirely optional.

In game they can come in a variety of species, colors, and designs and can be added to in-game characters.


Managers resemble an animal species, having their features such as ears and their tail, as well as their name. The longer the managers name is, the more impressive or popular they appear to be. At birth most Managers are only capable of speaking their names until they grow.

Most Managers have the same characteristics; such as a small plush body, a neck ornament, simple eye shapes, and a pair of yellow wings that vary in styling.

Known Managers



  • Managers are most-likely based on the fairy mascots from the Pretty Rhythm series.
  • Managers are born from eggs.


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