Magical☆Star Dreamy-cute Coord (マジカる☆スターゆめかわ) is a Lovely-type coord from the brand Fantasy Time. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Magical☆Star Pink Coord, Magical☆Star Orange Coord, Magical☆Star Navy Coord and the Magical☆Ribbon Purple Coord.





A pale blue tube top trim with white frills around the top portion and a strip of gold around the bottom. Thin sky blue ribbon ties around the chest with a bow on the each lower corner, while sticking out of the bottom is frilly lilac and soft blue gradient material with a cloudy pattern to accent the piece of tulle sticking out. Matching puffed sleeves are included, lined with sky blue bands and a piece of white scalloping and gold ruffles. A curly sky blue ribbon ties behind the back with a gold star hanging from each tip. It wraps around the chest to attach to the pale blue and white frilly collar, which is decorated with a pale blue and gold magical girl wand adorned with two pink gem stars and angel wings. Comes with sky blue gloves that have a pale blue and white scallop layered cuff trim with gold ruffles to match the gold star bracelets.


A sky blue pleat skirt trim with pale blue frills and ribbon sewn around the bottom to match the wing shaped bow sewn on top of the skirt with curling tails. A large pink star-shaped gem decorates it. Hanging from this fabric is pale blue, cape-like fabric lined with gold piped dots and stars and trim in the shape of stars. The inside is light purple to sky blue gradient and covered with clouds.


Tall sky blue boots with a gold bottom and star-shaped heel. The bottom is gold with a star shaped heel, while frilly, fluffy fabric of white is sewn from the middle of the foot to behind the ankle. The pale blue scallop cuff has a trim of white frills and is decorated with a pink star gem that has gold and pale blue ribbon hanging from it. Pale blue stockings with thin sky blue lines are included, adorned with gold star chains and a white frilly cuff held with a sky blue ribbon and a single, pink gem star.


A large pink gem star with a smaller, solid gold star decorated with three angel wings on the side, one of which has the cloud pattern from the top and skirt. A sky blue ribbon is tied behind the stars.


Magical☆Star Dreamy-cute Coord is a Lovely Super Rare Coord from the brand Fantasy Time. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Magical☆Star Dreamy-cute Top

Magical☆Star Dreamy-cute Skirt

Magical☆Star Dreamy-cute Shoes

Magical☆Star Dreamy-cute Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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