Love Tochiotome
Tochiotome love 1
Kanji 栃乙女 愛
Rōmaji Tochiotome Rabu
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Olive green
Hair Color Light brown
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Tennis player
Personal Status
Anime Episode 04 - Kachikoma! Cheer For You! (cameo)
Episode 10 - Autumn-Colored Lovely Live
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukiko Morishita

Love Tochiotome (栃乙女 愛 Tochiotome Rabu) is a supporting character in PriPara. She is a tennis player from Pararis Girls school and was first introduced in the anime in Episode 4, but had her major debut in Episode 10. Her main brand is Holic Trick and her normal coord in PriPara is the Lunatic Moon Coord. While in PriPara she goes by the name Cool Lovely.


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Love as an Idol

Love is very tall and well-toned, with sandy blonde spiked hair and olive eyes. She resembles a male in the real world with tanned skin.

In PriPara, Love appears much more feminine, gaining makeup and very long, slightly curled hair with a braid on top of the head. Her skin appears much lighter. While in Pripara, she goes by the name 'Cool Lovely'.



Love's Tennis Bag

She is very shy around others, and gets easily flustered. When she becomes too flustered, she says "Love-15!" or "Love-30!" (basically Love-Number) and breaks out into tennis swings to calm down. She is also excitable, as shown when she made her PriPara debut.


  • Eiko - They became friends after their tennis match, and often practice together.
  • Laala Manaka - She helped Eiko convince Love to become an idol; and now Love is a fan of Laala and Mirei.


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    Her name is written in kanji, but is pronounced as the English translation.
  • She is the second character that doesn't attend Paprika Private Academy.
  • She is the second character to share a brand with a main character.
  • She is the second character to be a Holic Trick user, along with Sophie Hojo.
  • Love is the third character along with Mirei and Laala to have a different look in PriPara.
  • Love is 10 Kuma-Heads tall (estimated 195 cm tall (6'3).
  • Kuma was attracted to her.
  • She shares the same given name as Momozono Love/Cure Peach from Fresh Pretty Cure!.

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