Lollipop Christmas Coord (ペロペロキャンディクリスマス) is a Pop Type coord from the brand Candy Alamode More. It resembles Lollipop Dot Coord and Lollipop Pinky Coord





A green and orange striped shirt with a thick band of peach circling the stomach, covered in large brown polka-dots and lining of emerald and white. At the center of the chest is a green, orange, and pale yellow glittering lollipop sewn to wrapped pieces; one set is green with white, the other is composed of orange, red, pale yellow, pale mint, white, and light green stripes. Each sleeve is composed of two large lollipops, one is green, melon, and white colored with bright red wrapper, the other is red, emerald, and white with a pale gold wrapper. Both candies are coated with glitter, and alternate the position depending on which shoulder they are on. Comes with peach gloves with pale yellow tiny frills lining the finger holes, along with a swirled lollipop candy sewn to the top of each hand. The peach and white swirled stripe wrist is lined with emerald and white material and two tiny gold bows. Sewn to the back of the back is a large lollipop to match the one on the chest, sewn to the same wrapping material. Around the neck are two chains, one pale yellow, the other red. Attached to the red is an orange and white lollipop, and three tiny bows; one pale yellow, one green, and one orange. 


A tutu skirt composed of several stripes, coming in pale mint, pale yellow, red, and orange. On each stripe is a red or green lollipop with either a green bow, or orange bow. The waistband is pink pastel, while tiny green and white dots line the bottom of the skirt. Beneath each hip is a swirled lollipop attached to wrapping pieces; two are on the right, while one rests on the left. Sticking out from the bottom of the skirt are two layers of glittering cotton balls, coming in pale yellow with pale green, white with peach, pale yellow with red, and white with emerald.


Glittering orange boots with the toe and middle composed of several glittery stripes, coming in emerald and white. The bottoms are brown-orange with matching string. At the top of each boot is a candy matching those on the skirt and shirt.


A large green, pale yellow, and orange striped lollipop covered in glitter with two, tiny pieces of wrapping on the sides, on top of two larger pieces. The smaller two are emerald with white lining, while the larger is composed of orange, red, pale yellow, pale mint, white, and pale green stripes.


Lollipop Christmas Coord is a Rare Pop Coord from the brand Candy Alamode More. It first appeared in the 2015 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Lollipop Christmas Top

Lollipop Christmas Skirt

Lollipop Christmas Shoes

Lollipop Christmas Hair Accessory

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