Lavender Stripe Coord (ラベンダーストライプ) is a Cool Type coord from the brand Holic Trick Classic. This coord has not appeared in the anime yet.





A dress made of a white vest with dark gray and pale gold frills lining the center and tiny black frills sewn around the arm hole. The collar is composed of a black ribbon with a yellow gem heart sewn to the middle, lined in pale gold frills. The vest covering it is a lavender and white stripe with pale gold lining and a section of black with four white buttons to match the lapel. The skirt is a large puffed tutu with the same stripes and two sewn layers around the hem, one black, one pale gold. Beneath it is a checkered pattern of white, black, and lavender with a single line of pale gold. Beneath the shoulder are two white cuff ornaments, each with a thick stripe of lavender and pale gold lining.


Glittering lavender boots with a thick white sole and heel. The cuff is made of a ruffled black piece lined in gold, while beneath it is a white, black, and lavender striped ribbon. The part of the boot covering the leg is swirled around, with black lining the cuff and a ribbon of solid white beneath it.


A black top hat with a think lavender band. A row of studs line the top, while the flap around the bottom is white.


Lavender Stripe Coord is a Cool Normal Coord from the brand Holic Trick Classic. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.3 Collection.


  • The shoes piece is a recolor from the Sunny Sunny/Rainy Rainy/Cloudy Cloudy Parasol Coords.


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