Laala School Uniform Coord (らぁらふゆせいふく) has appeared since Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!. This coord is Brandless and it is a Premium Type coord. This coord is worn by all the female Paprika Elementary Students like Laala Manaka, Non Manaka, Nao Ehime, and Pepper Taiyou.


This coord is worn by all the female Paprika Elementary Students like Laala Manaka, Non Manaka, Nao Ehime, and Pepper Taiyou.



A pale yellow dress with a small pleat in the skirt worn on top of a white shirt. A pale pink jacket is worn over it with pink cuff, line on the bottom, and two stripes on the arm. At the neck is a pink cloth tied into a tie with a big white medallion in the center decorated with pink and gold. 


Brown loafers with a black bottom and small heel. Comes with tall white socks that have thick pink cuff and a pale pink section below it.


Laala School Uniform Coord is a Rare Premium Coord and it has no brand. This first appeared in the 2014-2015 3rd Live Collection.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Laala School Uniform Onepiece

Laala Winter Loafers


Official Arts



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