Kuma render 03
Kanji クマ
Rōmaji Kuma
Physical and Vital Information
Race Mascot
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Pink (fur)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Helper
Personal Status
Anime I Became an Idol
Voice Actors
Japanese Chihiro Suzuki

Kuma (Birthname: Klaus Henrik Poncetta Von Vogel Strobel Cash De La Manecca the Third) is a mascot character in PriPara. He manages Mirei's, Sophie's and Laala's PriPara team - SoLaMi♡SMILE. He has a "friendly" rival relationship with Usagi, due to their similar ambition of becoming top manager. 


Kuma is a pink-furred bear with a pale pink muzzle. He has tiny black dots for eyes and a pink triangle-shaped mouth. On each ear is a bright yellow heart. His body is also pink with two pale pink fluffy spots. He wears a purple bowtie with a yellow heart at the center around his neck, and possesses yellow wings.


Kuma seems to be somewhat lazy, but he is determined to make Laala, Sophie, and Mirei into top idols. He is also very competitive and ambitious. He loves green juice. Unlike Usagi, who was overly controlling and arrogant, he really cares for his unit team and tries to help them any way he can.

Kuma tends to add "-kuma", and sometimes "-kumamimumemo", to the end of his sentences.


  • Mirei Minami - He is Mirei's PriPara manager.
  • Laala Manaka - He is also Laala's PriPara manager.
  • Sophie Hojo - During Episode 13, he replaced Usagi as her manager. Sophie left Usagi to form SoLaMi♡SMILE with Laala and Mirei, resulting in Kuma taking over the managerial position.
  • Usagi - Usagi and Kuma are friendly rivals; they often bicker on which one of their teams are the best.
  • Neko - He along with Usagi get their fortunes told by Neko. He along with Usagi also seems to have a crush on her.


Kuma (クマ):The term "Kuma" literally translates to bear.

Von Vogel: German for "of bird."


  • 10 Kuma-heads equal the height of Love Tochiotome (estimated 195cm). Because of that, Kuma is about 19.5cm tall.
  • Kuma was the first Mascot introduced, and is also the most featured.
  • Kuma showed how Idols get their songs.
  • In early drafts, Kuma didn't have his bow-tie, wings, or the pom-poms on his body.


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