160312 chara
Kanji かのん
Rōmaji Kanon
Also Known As Non Manaka
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 9-10
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Magenta with a Light Lavender streak
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Triangle
Personal Status
Relatives Laala Manaka (sister)
Anime Episode 94 - Come on, come on ・ Kanon!
Voice Actors
Japanese Minami Tanaka
Image Gallery

Kanon (かのん) is a character from PriPara Season 3. She is a member of the unit Triangle along with Junon and Pinon.

In Episode 97, it is revealed that she is actually the lovely Idol form of Non Manaka.


Kanon is sweet and cute, showing a humble and shy nature - even after flooring the competition with her performance skills. She is a fan of both SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé. She uses the word "chou" (meaning "super") a lot in her speech.


Kanon has teal eyes and magenta hair with straight cut bangs parted on the side and straightened forelocks ending at her neck. The rest of her hair is pulled into a puffy ponytail with a thick lavender streak in it.


Significant Coords


Like the other two members of Triangle, Kanon's name ends with "-non", hinting at her true identity.

The name Kanon is often written with the kanji for "flower" and "sound", referencing Kanon's flower motif and her occupation as an idol.


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