Just Blame the Summer! GO! GO! Audition Live is the second audition that Laala and Mirei have to clear. It appeared in episode 2


  • Cutie Lounge
  • Passion Heart
  • Space Andromeda
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Shinny Generation
  • Angel Sky
  • Morning Melody
  • Morry Making
  • Spring Flower
  • Delicious!
  • Kira Kira
  • Welcome to Teaparty
  • My Jwery
  • Over the Sky
  • Alarm Clock
  • Festival Day
  • Pink Actress
  • Beef or Chicken
  • Little Twin Sisters
  • Paya Paya Girls
  • Diamond Star
  • Flighteen
  • Pajama Club
  • Merry Go Round

Songs Used



  • Beef or Chicken was in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live!.
  • Over the Sky is a nod to Over the Rainbow, a male unit created by Hiro, Kazuki and Kouji of Rainbow Live!.
  • Welcome to Teaparty is a nod to Takanashi Otoha of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live!; she was even such a huge fan that she named a Prism Jump after her love of tea parties, My Fairytale Tea Party.
  • Even though Laala thought that Pretty App would make it to this audition, they did not appear. Their progress is unknown.