Kanji じゅのん
Rōmaji Junon
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 9-10
Eye Color Fuchsia
Hair Color Purple with a Light Lavender streak
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Triangle
Personal Status
Anime Episode 91 - I Became a Mama Idol?! (Cameo)

Episode 92 - The Superior Cool Butterfly

Voice Actors
Japanese Minami Tanaka
Image Gallery

Junon (じゅのん) is a character for PriPara Season 3. She is a member of the new unit Triangle along with Pinon and Kanon.

In Episode 98, it is revealed that she is actually the cool Idol form of Non Manaka.


When she first debuts, Junon displays a stoic and cool attitude. She is highly serious and boasts a considerable level of high intelligence. She is competitive towards those she deems a threat, even declaring a contest against SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé after she just debuted. Despite appearing distant, she was able to capture attention with ease from others. She also talks a lot about things that are cool in temperature-for example, she stated that Triangle would "usher in a new Ice Age".


Junon has fuchsia eyes and purple hair. Her bangs are split to one side with two, loose curled forelocks reaching her chest. The rest of her hair is pulled into a side ponytail with two long curls similar to Faruru's curls. One curl starts out purple on top and fades to lavender.


Significant Coords


Like the other two members of Triangle, Junon's name ends with "-non", hinting at her true identity. Junon is also the name of a Goddess of Roman mythology ,the queen of the gods and protector of marriage.


  • Her nickname is "The Superior Cool Butterfly".
  • The lavender streak in her hair resembles the number 3.
  • She likes to say "ju".
  • She has the same hair and eye color as Mia in PriPara, as they both have purple hair and fuchsia eyes.

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