Jungle King Coord (ジャングルキング) is a coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It was first used by Pepper Taiyou in Episode 117 as her casual coord. It resembles the Jungle King Morning Coord.


Episode Image User
Episode 117 - present
Pripara taiyo peppa eyecatch
Pepper Taiyou



A soft green gradient blouse cut beneath the shoulder with thin black sequin strips to match the ribbon wrapped beneath the chest. Orange and yellow material lines the top with a ruby gem in the center, accent with a gold heart shaped like two gold lion heads. Comes with a fluffy beige collar to match the bracelets.


A two layer gradient green petal tutu resting over a black sequin balloon skirt with beige fluffy trim. The waistband is black sequin with green material sticking out from beneath it, lined in orange and yellow. A beige tail with bushy fur on the tip sticks out from the back.


Gradient green shoes with orange sole and a flap of green lined in orange and yellow sticking out from the beige fluffy cuff. Comes with black sequin stockings with green, orange, and yellow markings.


A green, yellow, and blue knotted bow lined with a trim of beige fluff.


Jungle King Coord is a Natural-type Rare Coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.4 Collection.

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