Kanji ジュルル
Rōmaji Jururu
Also Known As Jululu


Physical and Vital Information
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Age 0
Eye Color Light Fuchsia
Hair Color Pastel Green
Professional Statistics
Personal Status
Relatives Laala Manaka (Adoptive Mother)
Anime Episode 89 - Everyone's Friends! Everyone's an Idol! (cameo)

Episode 90 - I Became a Divine Idol?! (Official)

Voice Actors
Japanese Reina Ueda
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Jewlulu ( ジュルル Jururu) is a character for PriPara Season 3. Jewlulu descends from the sky and lands on Laala's hands, and since then, Laala's decided to take care of her until she finds Jewlulu's real mother.




Jewlulu resembles Faruru. She has light fuchsia eyes and short, pastel green hair with a small amount pulled into a curled bun on top of her head, worn with a bow resembling Laala's but smaller. She has white eyelash markings above each eye. Her attire is composed of a white one-piece with a badge sewn to the chest and a pair of pale blue headphones on a gold band.


  • Laala - Refers to her as mama and cries whenever Laala denies.
  • Non - was taken care of by her in episode 91. Since Non's friends has younger siblings, she learned how to take care of babies.
  • Mirei - was taken care of by her in episode 95. Didn't like her teaching method, forcing her to learn words, but later accepted her and learned the word momo (peach). Since Jewlulu can't say words properly, she calls Mirei "Mimi".



  • Jewlulu rests in a green compact like a carrier.
  • She is the first main character to be a baby.
  • She shares her voice actress with Ajimi Kiki and Mimiko Jigoku.
  • In episode 94, Jewlulu is actually revealed to be Jewlie in the form of an infant.
  • She seems to have a certain attraction to Gloria Ookanda's breast.
  • It was revealed in Episode 108 that Faruru is able to understand what she says.

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