Iroha Kagawa
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Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown, Light Blue
Hair Color Pale Seafoam Green with Yellow highlights
Yellow (in PriPara)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Personal Status
Anime Episode 28
Voice Actors
Japanese Rumi Okubo

Iroha Kagawa is a minor character who debuts in Episode 28. She is Shion Todo's longtime Go rival. When she was younger, she was beat in a Go game by Shion, and she still holds her grudge.


Screenshot (421)

Iroha outside of PriPara

In Pripara, Iroha has blonde hair in a layered bob style. Her bangs are pushed to the side, while a cowlick sticks up on the left. Her eyes are chocolatey-brown with a single line of blue.

Normally, she has long, seafoam-colored hair twisted into an updo, with two yellow strands curling around the top. She wears pale-blue lipstick, and a pair of black and white diamond-shaped earrings.


In her civil form, Iroha is shown to be a snob - prideful and somewhat spoiled, very much like that of a stereotypical rich girl. In her idol form however, her personality changed drastically - becoming much more soft-spoken, refined, and ladylike.


Shion Todo - Her long time Go rival.


  • She shares the same voice actor with Ako Shirabe/Cure Muse from Suite Pretty Cure♪.
    • She also shares the same voice actor with Mia Ageha from Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
  • She often ends her sentences with "-de gozaimasu" which indicates humility. This would often be used by household servants of a wealthy or royal family.
  • She has a beauty mark on her shoulder.


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