Idol Watch Garnet Coord (アイドルウォッチガーネット) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Idol Watch Rose Coord, Idol Watch Crystal Coord, Idol Watch Amethyst Coord, Idol Watch Emerald Coord, Idol Watch Gold Coord, Idol Watch Silver Coord, Idol Watch Tanzanite Coord, and Idol Watch Ruby Coord.





A gold and dark red diamond tile dress with a gold snowflake design on the red diamonds. Sewn over the chest is a layer of fabric lined in gold, and surrounding the navel is a thin, side-way heart gem of sapphire or emerald. Lining the shoulder is dark red fabric, while the sleeve cuff is a gold scallop adorned with small emerald and sapphire gems. On the back of the waist is a bow that matches the dress fabric, while on the chest is a blue gem star on a gold base decorated with white wings, and a large diamond heart beneath it. The skirt has four layers of fabric sewn over it, two are a peplum with gold lining, one dark red, the other diamond tile, followed by two longer layers folded on the lower portion of skirt. The outside is a dark red scallop with large snowflake designs, the secondary has large sapphire and emerald gems sticking out. Sewn to the front corner of the skirt is a gold button with a big diamond heart hanging from it. A dark red ruffled choker is included with gold detail, along with dark red and gold gloves.


Gold shoes with a thick wedge heel and an ornate heart design on the toe. Diamond tile socks are included with gold scalloped lining and two layers of fabric. At the front of the ankle is a large blue star on a gold base with wings attached.


A dark red top hat with a gold scalloped band around the top decorated with alternating sapphire and emerald gems. A single gold line traces the bottom, and on the corner is a big blue star with a pair of wings on it.


Idol Watch Garnet Coord is a Premium-type Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the Idol Time Microphone Collection.


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Idol Watch Garnet Dress

Idol Watch Garnet Shoes

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