Idol Watch Emerald Coord (アイドルウォッチエメラルド) is a Natural-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Idol Watch Crystal Coord, Idol Watch Amethyst Coord, Idol Watch Rose Coord, Idol Watch Gold Coord, Idol Watch Silver Coord, Idol Watch Garnet Coord, Idol Watch Tanzanite Coord, and Idol Watch Ruby Coord.





A white dress with gold details, along with accents of glittering turquoise and mint sections. Sewn to the middle of the chest is a rainbow gem heart beneath a winged mint star. A gold button resides on each side of the skirt with a gold hanging piece connected to a gem heart. The skirt also has crystal designs and sections glittering turquoise and mint fabric. The sleeves, middle of thee torso, bow, and pieces of skirt are in a mint diamond tile fabric. The sleeve cuffs are gold scalloped adorned with small mint and turquoise gems. The user gains white and gold hand accessories and a white ruffled choker with gold accent, matching the fabric sewn to the shoulders.


Gold pumps with a wedge heel and an ornate shape design on the foot. Comes with mint pattern diamond tile socks with patterns on the diamonds and two scalloped layers lined in gold. The winged star ornament rests on the front of the ankle.


A white top hat with gold lining to accent the band around the top, which has turquoise and mint alternating gems. The top of the hat is mint colored, while the winged star ornament is sewn to the front.


Idol Watch Emerald Coord is a Natural-type Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Idol Watch Emerald Dress

Idol Watch Emerald Shoes

Idol Watch Emerald Hair Accessory

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