Idol Type is what an idol is classified as. There six known idol types: Lovely, Pop, Cool, Celeb, Natural, and Premium. Each one is represented with a color. The performance jewel can show an idol's type as well as the priTicket. Idol types may be determined by personality.

Idol Type Colors

  • Lovely - Pink
  • Pop - Blue
  • Cool - Purple
  • Natural - Green
  • Celeb - Yellow
  • Premium - Silver

Personality Traits


Lovely idols are typically kind, happy, and nice.


Pop idols typically are energetic.


Cool idols are typically serious and calm.


Natural idols are typically in touch with nature.


Celeb idols are typically prideful and confident.


Premium idols are typically gentle.

Known Idols & Their Types

Idol Units


  • Each idol type has its opposite.
    • Celeb is the opposite of Natural.
    • Pop is the opposite of Cool.
  • There are more lovely idols than any other idol type.
  • Laala is the first Lovely Idol to be introduced.
    • Mirei is the first Pop Idol.
    • Sophie is the first Cool Idol.
    • Fuwari is the first Natural Idol.
    • Hibiki is the first Celeb Idol.
    • Jewlie is the first Premium Idol.
  • SoLaMi♡SMILE, Triangle, MY☆DREAM, and WITH have the same combination of idol types.
  • Tricolore and NonSugar have the same combination of idol types.
  • Chiri is the first idol to change both her idol type and preferred brand.
  • Non is the first idol to have three different idol types with different forms.


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