Idol Time Microphone Love Devi Coord (アイドルタイムマイクラブデビ) is a cool-type coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Idol Time Microphone Fantasy Coord, Idol Time Microphone Twinkle Coord, Idol Time Microphone Candy Coord, Idol Time Microphone Holic Coord, Idol Time Microphone Baby Coord, Idol Time Microphone Fortune Coord and the Idol Time Microphone Marionette Coord.





A dress composed of a white top with gold stars in the middle trim with plum ruffles, matching the top skirt layer and the sleeves. On the sleeves is a white strap with a violet ornament, a single wing, and a secondary violet layer. The navel is midnight blue with a winged star that has chains beneath it connected to a Idol Watch, while ruffles of violet line the top of the chest. Hanging from the top portion of skirt are thick pieces of cloth held by large winged stars with a star and dot design above each one. The remainder of skirt is very puffy with several gold stars, some of which have plum bows. Sewn to the back of the dress is a large violet ribbon. A midnight blue choker with a winged violet heart charm hangs from a gold bead chain, along with a golden ornament beneath it.


Midnight blue pumps with curved heel that has a gold accent to match the fabric on the ankle. Sewn to the ankle piece is a large winged violet heart. Comes with diagonal cut plum stockings that have a line of gold stars at the middle and a single star on top attached to gold bands that wrap around the leg.


A winged star surrounded by smaller stars of violet and plum.


Idol Time Microphone Love Devi Coord is a Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in the Idol Time Microphone Collection.


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Idol Time Microphone Love Devi One-Piece

Idol Time Microphone Love Devi Shoes

Idol Time Microphone Love Devi Accessory

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