The New Idol Time Pripara Seasons 4

Idol Time PriPara Cast with their Mics

The Idol Time Mic is the official fourth upgrade to the Performance Microphones. They are used by Idols to perform with after she fills her Idol Watch and obtains her Jewel. They also aid the Idol in performing Cyalume Change

While the Mics generally look the same, each Idol has their own unique coloring to their Mic.


The microphone is composed of a pearl base that has a wing-shaped attachment on the right. Tiny stars are etched onto the base, along with a single, slightly larger star residing above a large, fake gem. Beneath the mouth piece is a large heart-shaped window for the Idol to insert the Idol Jewels. The handle glows to match the mouth piece, with the colors changing to fit the specific Idol using it. There is also a swirling piece in the middle with tiny glowing hearts etched on it.

Through upgrades the microphone will gain more colors based on the Idol using it.


  • Laala Manaka - Light Pink
  • Mirei Minami - Pale Blue
  • Sophie Hojo - Violet
  • Shion Todo - Green
  • Dorothy West - Dark Blue
  • Leona West - Orange
  • Gaaruru - Red
  • Aroma Kurosu - Neon Purple
  • Mikan Shiratama - Pale Sea Foam Green
  • Yui Yumekawa - Pale Pink and metallic pink
  • Nino Nijiro - Lime
  • Michiru Kouda - Lilac
  • Shuuka Hanazono - Pale Gold and violet
  • Galala - Dark Blue, Purple, Silver, and turquoise
  • Falala - Mint Green, Turquoise, Gold, and Silver
  • Miku Hatsune - Cyan
  • Shougo Yumekawa - Blue
  • Asahi Mitaka - Red
  • Koyoi Takase - Purple
  • Mia Hanazono - White


Timemic img05

Released June 1, 2017 for 4,800 yen, the Idol Time Mic is a toy that can be purchased and used to interact with both the Arcade Game and Jewel. There is also a special Idol Time Microphone Collection of Coords that the player can unlock by scanning it while using a Jewel matching the brand.

It can interact with Idol Time and Season 3 Jewels, and will make noises and light-up to correspond with them.

The Idol Time Mic includes:

  • Idol Time Mic x3
  • Jewel x3 (Idol Laala, Laala, and Idol Yui)
  • Promo Ticket x1
  • Instructions x1


  • This is the first time the microphone gains a handle in the series.
  • The pieces on the handle of the Mic are gold, but in toy form they are silver.
    • This is also the case with Falala's mic, making her the first character shown to use one that doesn't have gold on it.
    • Galala also has silver, while Yui's upgraded mic turned the gold pieces metallic pink.
    • Shuuka has light blue.
  • Falala's Mic is the first to have a colored base. Hers is turquoise while everyone else has white.
  • Shuuka's Second Mic has light blue instead of gold, parts of the handle are violet and black, and the base of her mic is black.


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