Idol Time Harp Sunny Coord (アイドルタイムハープサニー) is a Natural-type coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It has not made an appearance in the anime. This coord resembles the Idol Time Harp Brilliant Coord, Idol Time Harp Candy More Coord, Idol Time Harp Coco Coord, Idol Time Harp Dear Coord, Idol Time Harp Melty Coord, Idol Time Harp Neon Coord, Idol Time Harp Silky Coord, Idol Time Harp Rosette Coord, and Idol Time Harp Sweet Coord.




A yellow top with gold detail and white coloring at the middle. Orange fabric wraps around the chest while the sleeves are winged shape with gold detail separating the colors. The collar is solid yellow with a yellow star on a gold heart base sewn to a pair of orange and gold wings. Hanging from this ornament is a pair of orange and white striped ribbon tails, each tipped with a gold star. The skirt is in multiple layers, mainly composed of two ruffled, the top orange, the second yellow, both with a white gradient around the hem. Ruffled gold fabric wraps around the waist to accent the coloring in the middle of the skirt. At each section are large yellow wing-like shaped with gold details.


Tall white boots with a golden sole and an orange and gold winged ornament sewn to the back of the ankle. The cuff is lined in gold with orange frill trim and the ornament from the dress sewn to the side.


A yellow headband with the ornament from the chest sewn to the corner, without the ribbon accent.


Idol Time Harp Sunny Coord is a Natural Rare Coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It first debuted in the Idol Time Harp Collection.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Idol Time Harp Sunny Dress

Idol Time Harp Sunny Shoes

Idol Time Harp Sunny Accessory

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