Idol Time Harp Rich Coord (アイドルタイムハープリッチ) is a Celeb type coord from the brand Rich Venus. It has not appeared in the anime yet. This coord resembles the Idol Time Harp Clock Coord and the Idol Time Harp Fantasy Coord.





A dress composed of a blue top that has white and gold lines going down the center and several gold bead chains and buttons. The fabric covering the chest is vibran green with the center white and gold and the collarbone section cut out. The petal-like wings are in three layers, two white, one blue, the bottom of which has shiny gold buttons and stars in a pattern. The shoulder section has a single bead chain held by two gold buttons, also matching the collar accent. On the chest is a golden winged heart with a chain beneath it, along with a white star, vibrant green wings, and ribbon tails tipped with gold beads and stars. The skirt is in two layers with a white gradient, the top is vibrant green, the second blue, both covered in shiny gold dots and stars. The same pattern covers the gold and white skirt fabric in the middle of the dress, but colored white. Hanging from the front white and gold wing-like flaps of fabric is a large gold chain adorned with vibrant green and blue alternating stars. Hanging from the back of the skirt are long bead and star charm chains. The hand accents are also upgraded.


Tall white boots with two gold chains on the ankle, the bottom of which is accent with gold star charms and a pair of vibrant green wings on the back. The cuff has a gold border and a chain around the middle, while the top is trimmed with vibrant green petals. Sewn to the side is the ornament from the dress, but lacking the bead and wing accents.


A blue tiara made from looped shapes adorned with three gold stars that have the winged star and heart design in the middle. On the side is a gold winged heart with a white star and pair of wings.


Idol Time Harp Rich Coord is a Celeb Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the Idol Time Harp Collection.


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