Idol Time Harp Melty Coord (アイドルタイムハープメルティ) is a Cool type coord from the brand Melty Lily. It has not appeared in the anime yet. This coord resembles the Idol Time Harp Brilliant Coord, Idol Time Harp Candy More Coord, Idol Time Harp Coco Coord, Idol Time Harp Dear Coord, Idol Time Harp Neon Coord, Idol Time Harp Silky Coord, Idol Time Harp Sunny Coord, Idol Time Harp Rosette Coord, and Idol Time Harp Sweet Coord.





A dress composed of a black top that has gold and white designs going down the center. Over this is indigo fabric covering the chest with gold detail and a section that is cut out at the collarbone. The sleeves are white with gold detail, covering the back of the torso and accent with a black layer and collar. White goes down the center of the chest, adorned with a yellow heart with a dark indigo star on it, along with indigo and gold wings, and a pair of striped ribbon tails with a gold bead and star hanging from each tip. The skirt is in two gradient layers, the top is indigo, followed by black, each ending in white. The skirt is cut in the middle to reveal solid gold layers with a golden accent circling the waist, along with four large lavender and gold wing-like shapes adorning each corner of the skirt, decorated with a gold winged heart ornament that has a dark indigo star in the middle. White and gold hand ornaments are included.


Tall white boots with a golden sole and pair of indigo wings on the back of the ankle, accenting the indigo petal-like trim on the cuff. The cuff has a gold border and the ornament from the chest sewn to the side, but lacking the beads and wings.


A black tiara made from five looped pieces of material. On the side is a gold heart with a dark indigo star and small wings on the base, along with a pair of larger indigo wings.


Idol Time Harp Melty Coord is a Cool Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Melty Lily. It first appeared in the Idol Time Harp Collection.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Idol Time Harp Melty Dress

Idol Time Harp Melty Shoes

Idol Time Harp Melty Accessory

Official Arts


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