Idol Time Harp Coord (アイドルタイムハープ) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Time Coord, Midnight Time Coord, and Golden Time Coord.





A pastel pink top with strips of pink ribbon lined with white ruffles. The bottom is trim with similar material, along with white and gold fabric to match that draped around the top of the chest and arms. Sewn to the white collar is a pair of white, pink, and blue wings attached to a white and gold clock. Very thick bell sleeves are included, with the top layer being white and decorated in pale pink lace, gold details, pink flowers, and pink dash and line markings. The second layer is white with gold ornate designs. On the back is a large gold accessory reminiscent of a clock.


A skirt in several layers, the main portion being a semi-pleat of pale pink with a pale yellow ombre. Gold studs are sewn to it, while on the hem are pink flowers and roman numerals. Sewn over this is a layer of pale yellow fabric with an ornate pink design and ribbon lined with white ruffles. A gold ornate heart ornament hangs from the center of each side, while a pale yellow peplum resides above them, decorated with pink dashes and lines, pink flowers, and pale pink lace. Around the bottom of the skirt are large gold dashes and lines.


Pink and gold pumps with a thick pointed heel and ornate designs. Going up the center is a thin strand connected to three gold bead chains that wrap around the lower leg. Sewn to the back of the foot is a pair of pastel pink and blue wings. Comes with pale pink stockings that have a lace design and row of pale pink flowers going up the side of the leg. The scalloped cuff is lined by smaller lines of pink.


A flower crown made from six, pale pink flowers with gold centers.


Idol Time Harp Coord is a Premium-type Dream Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


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Idol Time Harp Top

Idol Time Harp Skirt

Idol Time Harp Shoes

Idol Time Harp Hair Accessory

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