Honey Sauce Chef Coord (はちみつソースシェフ) has not appeared in the anime as of yet. It is from the brand CoCo Flower. It is a Natural Type coord. It and the Delicious Chef Coord are similar to Berry Sauce Chef Coord.





A dark melon tank-top with two pale, horizontal yellow lines on each side of the chest. On top of it is a pale yellow jacket with white scallop-shaped frills lining the bottom. On each arm is a gold traced design, while resting on each shoulder is a blue pad with a single white button. A thin strip of melon and red go down each arm, while the cuff is dark melon with two yellow buttons and a single line of red. Sticking out of the cuff is a pale yellow and blue striped material. On the torso is white material lined in red and dark melon. Two dark blue buttons rest on the chest, while above it is a dark melon cravat with four lines, two of white, and two of red. The collar is dark melon with a single line of yellow and red. On top of the chest is a white utensil set with fuchsia bows attached to them, while on the back is a large blue spoon with a big fuchsia bow attached to it.


A pale yellow pleat skirt with a thick section of dark melon around the bottom. On the yellow sectioned portions is a gold design, while a single white line rests below the start of the dark melon sections. Each pleat has red and blue striped coloring. The top is blue with a piece of ruffled pale yellow, red, and dark melon striped material.


Blue heels with a melon-colored heart on each toe. Sticking out of the heel is a dark melon piece of ruffled material with a single line of red and white. Comes with light yellow stockings with a gold design on them, along with two thin lines; one red, one melon. The cuff is a dark melon strap with a single yellow button and two pieces of ruffled material sticking out of it, one is pale yellow and blue striped, the second is dark melon with a single red line.


Honey Sauce Chef Coord is a Natural PriPara Rare Coord from the brand CoCo Flower. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2015 4th Live.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Honey Sauce Chef Top

Honey Sauce Chef Skirt

Honey Sauce Chef Shoes

Delicious Chef Hat

Official Arts

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